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EverQuest celebrates birthday with $20 megapack

Anniversary Edition of long-running MMO includes all EverQuest expansions for only $20; collection will be released April 23.


Twenty dollars may not buy much these days, but for fans of massively multiplayer online role-playing games, it'll soon buy them an entire world.

Sony Online Entertainment today announced that it is celebrating the eight-year anniversary of its flagship MMO EverQuest by releasing the EverQuest The Anniversary Edition collection on April 23. The pack will include EverQuest and its many expansions for $19.99.

SOE will also be releasing new in-game content beginning today. Among the planned additions are a scavenger hunt and "dozens of Luclin Fabled NPCs."

EverQuest II, with new graphics and features, was released in late 2004.

EverQuest, which was released eight years today, is rated T for Teen. For more information, read GameSpot's review.

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