EverQuest adds new zone, UI improvements

Sony Online adds a new environment to its online RPG that's free to subscribers. Screens inside.


Sony Online has announced that a new zone, Jaggedpine Forest, is being added to Norrath, the world of EverQuest. Norrath has greatly expanded over the years since EverQuest's release. Major additions have come from three retail expansion packs, but Sony Online has also opened smaller areas, or zones, to subscribing players without additional charge. Jaggedpine Forest is the sixth free zone.

There have been some other recent additions to the game. The user interface has been reworked so it's easier to customize with a few mouse clicks. In addition, a new zone dedicated to the buying and selling of in-game items has been opened on the moon of Luclin. Players need the Shadows of Luclin expansion to access this new bazaar zone.

The next retail expansion to EverQuest is called The Planes of Power, and it will include 20 new zones, including two planar cities. For more information, read our previous coverage of EverQuest and the Planes of Power expansion.

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