Evergrace 2 announced for the PS2

From Software announces the sequel to its PlayStation 2 action-RPG.


Forever Kingdom

From Software has announced Evergrace 2 for the Sony PlayStation 2. The primary gameplay style from the original game remains, as players will have to collect weapons and pieces of armor while fighting monsters in order to unlock magic spells. The story of Evergrace 2 takes place prior to the start of the first game. Yeterald, the lead character from the original, returns in the sequel, and he's joined by several new characters, including Fillna and Ryana.

New to the game is a real-time party system, which allows the player to assign full combat control of specific characters to the computer and abandon a battle when necessary. From Software has also added the so-called Palmyra action, which is essentially a massive magic spell that can be activated by using Palmyra accessories.

Evergrace 2 will be released this summer in Japan on the DVD format. It is not known at this time whether Agetec will release the sequel in North America.

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