Everblue coming to Europe

Capcom Eurosoft will bring Everblue, the latest project from the creator of Street Fighter EX, to Europe.


Capcom Eurosoft, the European division of Capcom, has announced that it will publish Everblue for the European PlayStation 2 this spring. Developed by Arika, the creator of the highly popular Street Fighter EX series, Everblue is an adventure game where players assume the role of Leonardo, a novice undersea diver who has to explore and discover the magic and mysteries of the Daedalus Sea and ultimately find the treasure that has haunted his family for generations. After each dive, players can sell any items they find in a nearby town, and the money they earn can be used purchase upgrades to their diving gear. This will allow players to dive for greater lengths of time and reach greater depths, thereby expanding the total area that can be explored. Players can also interact with townspeople, who might have hints about the location of treasure or even give players specific missions to complete.

The main goal of the game is to discover buried treasure, but there's also a mode called free swim mode, in which players can dive at their leisure, taking in the aquatic surroundings and even taking pictures that can be stored in an in-game album. If the photographs are deemed good enough by the town's resident photographer, players will receive special bonuses.

"Everblue is a truly unique title for the PlayStation 2," commented David Miller, marketing director of Capcom Eurosoft. "Not only is it the first diving adventure game on the system, but its mixture of adventure and RPG elements, combined with the attention to detail of the underwater scenes, give it wide-reaching appeal."

Everblue is already out in Japan. A North American release has not been announced.

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