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Even More WoW: Dragonflight Twitch Drops, Including A Mount, Are Now Up For Grabs

An in-game mount, pet, and toy can all be claimed for free in celebration of the upcoming Race to World First for Dragonflight's first raid.


World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, which just recently concluded its first-ever Twitch drop promotion, is now giving away even more free goodies for watching WoW-content on the streaming platform.

To celebrate the upcoming "Race to World First," in which top guilds from around the world will compete to be the first to complete Dragonflight's new Vault of the Incarnates raid, Blizzard is offering an in-game mount, pet, and toy that can be earned simply through watching WoW on Twitch.

From now until December 13, players will be able to claim the Cenarion Hatchling pet by watching four hours of WoW: Dragonflight content on Twitch. Another four hours watched will award the Swift Windsteed mount. Players will need to have linked their account with their Twitch account to begin earning the drops, and the Cenarion Hatchling will need to be claimed before progress towards unlocking the Swift Windsteed can be earned.

Players will have to wait until December 13 to unlock another drop, the Perpetual Purple Firework toy. To earn the toy, players will need to watch two hours of WoW: Dragonflight content on specific channels (listed in Blizzard's official post on the topic) in order to unlock the drop. The Perpetual Firework toy can be earned up until December 28.

This latest Twitch promotion comes just a few weeks after Blizzard gave away one of the MMORPG's rarest mounts, the Feldrake, as a Twitch Drop as a way to celebrate WoW: Dragonflight's release.

WoW's latest expansion has been live for over a week now, with Blizzard rolling out various changes (and walking back others) ahead of Dragonflight Season 1. In GameSpot's Dragonflight review in progress, we came away "impressed at how a handful of new ideas, along with major facelifts to some old ones, breathe new life into Blizzard's flagship title."

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