Eve: Valkyrie Alpha Begins This Month

You need to own a DK2 to take part in the alpha.


People who pre-ordered the Oculus Rift won't have to wait to play Eve: Valkyrie as long as they own a Rift DK2. Signups for the Oculus launch title's alpha have opened and you can't even sign up without owning the headset's development kit.

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The alpha test starts on January 18 and to sign up you'll have to provide the details of your graphics card, RAM, and processor, in addition to your Oculus Rift DK2 serial number.

Eve: Valkyrie is getting packaged in with every Oculus Rift pre-order. Pre-orders for the Rift opened on January 6, and it'll cost you $599 to reserve one. Oculus CEO Palmer Luckey has let customers know that his company will not lock people in and will allow them to cancel their pre-orders.

GameSpot's editors talked about the Rift's price point and how it might affect virtual reality's chances at success.

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