EVE Online crosses 500,000 subscribers

Sci-fi massively multiplayer online game hits subscriber milestone 10 years after launch.


CCP Games announced today that its sci-fi massively multiplayer online game EVE Online had crossed 500,000 subscribers for the first time in the game's history. The game has seen 10 straight years of subscriber growth, according to the publisher.

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The milestone was reached followed the December 4 launch of EVE Online: Retribution, the game's 18th free expansion and its "most successful ever," according to CCP.

CCP plans to celebrate the game's 10th anniversary throughout 2013 with various in-game and real-world events, including the EVE Fanfest, which will take place this April in Reykjavik, Iceland. The game officially marks its 10th birthday on May 6.

EVE Online carries a subscription fee of $15 per month.

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My boyfriend plays it. We're going to Reykjavik for FanFest. There's contest at http://www.go2arena.com/eve/promo/open/u/fanfest/ in which I hope to win free tickets :P

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I've played Eve off and on for years. Last time I activated my account for 3-months and made a small fortune playing only a few hours a week. For various reasons, like many who posted, I can't seem to play this game consistently. I always drift off.

Still, Eve Online is the ultimate spaceship game. I hope it's still kicking in 20-years and that they add planet exploration.

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This game just completely takes over your life. For you to be successful requires dedication and unfortunately I just cant commit to it. I met some great people in this game. If I won the lottery, I would dedicate a year to this :)

I quit about 2 years ago now and to be honest, it had to be done, just no way I could maintain normal life with this going on

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I love the idea behind Eve and REALLY enjoy the in-game economy, plus I'm a sci-fi nerd.

All that said, I've tried multiple times to get 'into' Eve and I just can't stick with it. I don't know why, maybe it's too slow paced? Maybe I didn't approach the game aggressively enough (i.e. I didn't do much combat, mostly did trading and transporting).

I do think it's an amazing game and I hope it continues on for at least another 10 years, I just wish I could get into this game more.

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EVE is simply awesome.

If anybody wants a 21-day Free Trial, message me and I can send you a code.

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Eve is the only MMO on the Market Worth playing to me. Every other MMO is a cookie cutter copy cat with a different wrapper on it. I have tried pretty much every big MMO released since Ultima online.

In Eve Online isn't populated by a bunch of kids with nothing to do but cause havoc. It's probably the most mature MMO still online today.

I hope it goes on for another 10+ years. I be right there playing it.

Avatar image for N0tYrBeezin

Considering so many of these MMOs either shut down or went into free to play! This is amazing. Slow growth but steady! Good job!

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I really tried to like this game. I could not get past the combat. To me, it was boring. And I did not like having to chase ships down/sit with a bunch of other players just for a chance to trap someone. I have big hopes for Star Citizen and Elite Dangerous.

Avatar image for gatsbythepig

good for it

Avatar image for petsodon

I am genuinely happy for CCP Games. What a unique MMO, although myself can not be bothered to play it I still salute you.

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Avatar image for selbie

This is a lesson for all developers out there trying to "break into" the MMO market. If you don't have the balls to give players meaningful choices in the game and provide constant support, don't even bother.

Bravo CCP.

Avatar image for spikepigeo

@selbie exactly. I love my sandbox.

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Oh, so now its 500,000 subscribers...last year it was 250K. CCP's continuing attempts at deception are laughable: they've been caught in more lies than Bill Clinton. They consider any account that has ever paid them money to be a "subscriber". In reality, they have about 160K active subscriptions at any given time, and its been that way for about two years. EVE has the worst customer churn in the industry - their growth is effectively flat because very few people will tolerate a game so devoid of content and riddled with bugs and exploits. CCP's unbelievable hubris and "gangsta" attitude doesn't help matters much.

Avatar image for Jonny-Two-Delta

@psycros I take it you either don't play Eve, or haven't played in the last two years. Lately it's been running smoother than any other MMO I've played, and based on my social circle within the game, there are new players joining every week, and existing players training up new alt accounts. Not to mention the number of actives online each day and the number of players in market and mission hubs growing substantially. A year ago there would be around 300 people in a hub like dodixie, last month it was exceeding 500 frequently. What is that, if not evidence of growth?

I'd like to know where you pulled the 160k from. Is all that thin air making you light-headed?

Avatar image for Kayweg

@psycros It's common knowledge that those published subscriber numbers never mean "There are 500k different people subbing to our game". Not in EVE and not in any other MMORPG. Bots, multiple accounts, dead accounts and so on. Publishers will always bolster the sub numbers that way to show off how popular their game is. Every half educated gamer knows that and views the figures in that light.

But hey, if it helped having a stab at EVE and CCP, good on you.

Avatar image for TheOnlyConan

@Kayweg @psycros "bots, mutiple accounts, so on". I would still count those. A Paid account, is a paid account.

Avatar image for MysteryJ0ker


I hear all talk and not a shred of proof of evidence.

Avatar image for Jedilink109

Holy crap I can't believe that game is that old...

Avatar image for Liliroots

Bravo CCP!

Avatar image for Rovelius

I miss this game so much T_T

Avatar image for Taegre

Wish I could play this game. Had an account for a few months. Had to leave when a guy loaned me a $15,000,000 freighter ship and I... er... lost it.

Avatar image for gufberg

@Taegre That is a great story! Part of what makes EVE both so real and so frustrating.

Avatar image for crazylooser2003

never playing EvE again...after the way they treated me as a customer...

Avatar image for Divine_Stryph

@crazylooser2003 what happened..?

Avatar image for crazylooser2003

@Divine_Stryph @crazylooser2003 played since 2008, had a 75m SP pvp char, for about 8 month I did not have time to play, so just logged in to change skills. Then my credit card expired and I did not renew the subscription. 4 months later, I try to log in, and apparently my account got banned >.< GMs are no help, 3 petitions later, nothing. They haven't even told me what happened.

Avatar image for crazylooser2003

@Jonny-Two-Delta @crazylooser2003 @Divine_Stryph I mean, ive been sending a petition a week... The problem that I am running into, is that CCP is not telling me what happened, or even responded to the last 2 petitions...

Avatar image for Jonny-Two-Delta

@crazylooser2003 @Divine_Stryph I've been banned before, for something I actually did too, yet I managed to get my account back. If you want something bad enough you can find a way.
Do or do not! There is no "try"!

Avatar image for N0tYrBeezin

@crazylooser2003 @Divine_Stryph It is really hard for me to believe they delete your char after only 4 months. That is not a sound business decision. Deleting subscribers chars is just like asking them not to come back. No successful business is that stupid!

Avatar image for ScreamDream

@crazylooser2003 @Divine_Stryph That stinks. Sounds like a lot of work went into that charactor.

Avatar image for Trion3

@Liliroots @crazylooser2003 @Divine_Stryph

chars are saved for along time on mmo i have a char in Dark age of camelot the eu servers and even after they combined us and eu servers it is still there

Avatar image for Kayweg

@petsodon @crazylooser2003 @Divine_Stryph

Sorry to hear about that crap, crazylooser2003. Obviously i can't know what happened in your particular case. But inactive chars are not deleted.

Avatar image for petsodon

@crazylooser2003 @Divine_Stryph

That's weird. I do not believe your char is lost. I have not played this game for 5 years and CCP still sends me reminders to come back to the same character that I played last time and continue from where I left it.

Avatar image for Divine_Stryph

@crazylooser2003 @Divine_Stryph Jeez..yeah thats a kick in the face. :/

Avatar image for Trickymaster

@Liliroots @crazylooser2003 @Divine_Stryph But not after 4 months! Geez that's just messed up especially in a game where you need years to get to a decent level. They should give you at least a year grace period.

Avatar image for crazylooser2003

@Liliroots @crazylooser2003 @Divine_Stryph EvE characters are saved...crap...if that character had a deadspace fitted Mom (Super Carrier) thats like $500 right there

Avatar image for Liliroots

@crazylooser2003 @Divine_Stryph Bro, it's like that with most MMO games! I remember D2 few years ago. I think after 30 days of absence, your character is out. But I agree, they should have sent you an email or at least give you some closure on your request.

Avatar image for fobbs69

One of the only engaging mmo's out there. Hope it keeps going strong.

Avatar image for LesserAngel

I love EVE, unfortunately I'm a little too broke at the moment to continue my subscription, but EVE stands out for being one of the few MMOs that are actually different.

Avatar image for Jonny-Two-Delta

@LesserAngel Find a way to make isk more efficiently ingame and you won't need to pay for sub. Lv4s are a reliable way, but a little slower than other methods. 600mil a month is pretty easy once you know how.

Avatar image for Fembot_Eulogy

I had a few friends play this game for a long while. They absolutely loved it. Good on EVE.

Avatar image for killlo

I like to think I was part of this milestone sense I have 3 active accounts with them right now :)

Avatar image for sxygrkstd

@Tripwolf same. It was enjoyable on some level. Yet the people who've been around since the beginning have such a tremendous advantage over the starters. You need to join up immediately with the experienced folk so you can learn from them.

Avatar image for Jonny-Two-Delta

@sxygrkstd @Tripwolf Put a year's worth of combat skills into flying only minmatar battleships and you'll have two or three ships capable of taking on any other pilot of any age. If you know how to fit and fly it. Implants also make a huge difference.

Avatar image for Dudeman315

Good--now maybe they can start putting more people on important projects like WoD online!

Avatar image for HWGuy14

Ps4 won't come out until 9 months. Even until then the ps3 still has a 3 year lifespan.

Avatar image for TheOnlyConan

@HWGuy14 I have not played my ps3 for three years (pc is just too far ahead right now). Skyrim with modds is a prime example. I am not six years old. I can afford better. If you are still playing a ps3 three years from now..............

Avatar image for Kane04

@TheOnlyConan What does that has to do with anything?

I have a rig that can max BF3 and still the only PC game I've properly played in the last 2~4 year's was GW2, while on the PS3 I have some pretty awesome exclusives that are actually fun to play.

That kind of talk is classic PC newcomer, like you just discovered a new world.
Newsflash, Crysis 3 is not so impressive considering the hardware you need to run it, and on minimum you need at least a 2010 GPU.
The PS3 is 2005 tech and even then it wasn't high end stuff, expecting it to compete with a much newer and more expensive hardware is just idiotic.

But even so, looking at a graphic comparison of FC3 in all platforms you can see it's not light years behind the PC version, now THAT is impressive for an hardware that old and with not even 512MB of RAM to move about.

Avatar image for TheOnlyConan

@Kane04 @TheOnlyConan You cannot compare games across platforms, unless you include modds. Skryim unmodded (like far cry 3) is better on the PC, but not to the point that would make me run to the store to buy a new PC. But once you include modds (that allow you truly harness your PC), then you see the true difference. Current gen limits what the game makers can do. That is why you see just an average bump with your example of FC3. Stop making excuses for current gen (and next gen as well, considering my PC is already more powerful). It just makes you look like a fanboy.

Avatar image for LoG-Sacrament

It's pretty cool that not only is their MMO still alive after 10 years but it's still growing too.