European MGS2 delayed, receives bonus DVD

The anticipated release of MGS2 has to wait another two weeks. However, Konami has confirmed that a bonus DVD will be bundled with the game.


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Konami of Europe announced today that the highly anticipated European release of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty has been pushed for two weeks. The new release date in that territory is March 8. Konami of Europe said that preparation for the high demand for the game and the production of a bonus DVD are the reasons behind the delay. According to Konami, retailers are demanding a first day shipment of one million copies and in order to ensure that, Konami opted for the delay. The additional DVD, which will be shipped along with the game, is being produced specifically for the European market and includes up to one hour of behind-the-scenes materials filmed by the French TV-station Fun TV. It seems that the European DVD will be different from the one included in the Japanese special edition of Metal Gear Solid 2. The material offers a rare sightseeing tour through the offices of Konami Japan and interviews with the leading members of the team, including Hideo Kojima. Additionally, it offers a peek at how the game evolved from the initial planning stages to the final product.

"Konami of Europe feels obliged to offer the best possible product to the consumers and we also want to meet retailer's demand", said Kunio Neo, president of Konami of Europe. "Of course we're disappointed that we cannot stick to the previously stated February release date. At the same time we're also convinced that our partners and consumers will be thrilled by our package and the look behind the scenes the DVD offers for this highly anticipated game for PS2."

The game will launch across Europe on March 8.

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