Europa 1400 details

JoWood Productions releases new information on its forthcoming medieval role-playing game.


Europa 1400: The Guild

JoWood Productions has today released new gameplay information pertaining to Europa 1400: The Guild, a medieval role-playing game of sorts that the company describes as one of the most nonlinear games ever made.

In Europa 1400, players will have 200 years to successfully build a family dynasty and to improve their standing within the community. There are five European cities in the game--London, Paris, Milan, Vienna, and Madrid--and each is home to more than 500 interactive characters and represents a different difficulty level.

After opting to pursue one of the game's 12 different career paths, players will need to decide how much time they intend to devote to their professional life and how much they can spare for courting a potential spouse with a view to creating a strong family unit. How difficult a partner is to win over will depend on the prospective bride's social standing, with upper-class types requiring a great deal more time (and, of course, money) to be invested in wooing them. Once they are married and children are born, players will have to give thought to their children's education so that they can get respectable jobs of their own and allow the family dynasty to continue.

Depending on the goals that players set for themselves, success in the game can be measured in a number of ways. Progressing through the ranks of their chosen profession, though, will bring quite obvious benefits, such as being able to embezzle state money as a treasurer, perform miracles as an archbishop, or perhaps achieve unrivaled power as the sovereign.

Europa 1400: The Guild is scheduled for release in North America later this year, and the release date for the UK has today been confirmed as October 18. For more information, check out our previous coverage of the game.

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