Euro PSN lineup released

Eight downloadable titles coming between now and the end of April, four available for launch day.


Downloadable add-ons aren't the only PlayStation Store content that will be available for European PlayStation 3 owners after the system's midnight launch tonight. Four full games--Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, Blast Factor, Lemmings, and Gran Turismo HD Concept--are going to be available for download as well, Sony has confirmed today.

Sony has also given "introductory prices" to a pair of those games. Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection will be available for £6.99 (approx. $14), while Blast Factor will sell for £3.49 ($7). Gamers have until May 23 to purchase the games at the introductory price levels. The console maker has not said how much Lemmings would cost. Gran Turismo HD Concept was released last year in the US and Japan as a free download.

The first wave of titles will be joined by another four downloadable games in March and April, specifically Super Rub-A-Dub, flOw, Go! Puzzle, and Go! Sudoku. Sony has not announced prices for the follow-up batch of titles.

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Ermm Mr Sony can we have what americans are getting too? Would be nice! I want the spiderman trailer in 1080i so i can drool over the goodness lol! I wonder if tekken will ever be patched with new features or downloads bring on tekken bowl whoop!

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i wish GTA or GTA 2 will be able to buy from PSN to PSP

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Interesting. Good for the PS3 owners out there, the prices for it aren't that bad either.

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Cool, i'll get flOw and Go! Puzzle definitely.

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Apparently GT HD Concept 2.0 (in Europe) adds force feedback for steering wheels?

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ps3 launch is quite here in Europe. The wii was a hit though, as well as the 360

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I want more games!

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I must get Super Duper DUCK!!

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To be honest those price are nicely priced 8)

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To be truthful, I prefer the Wii virtual Console, have downloaded 16 games from that, 6 from Xbox live for the 360 and 0 for the PS3, I cant stand Gran Turismo and dont like Tekken, but I'm sure i'll eventually download some games from it, Every console has their day, to me graphics are not the be all and end all of gaming, its the gameplay thats all important to me and its sad that people forget that.

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the prices are good for those games........

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" I suppose I see things differently as an owner of all the main consoles. " Im sure it wouldnt matter, as you are Pro-PS3 regardless... Cant help it you cant see the flaws that still exist, like it or not. "Cool beans! I had less than that to play on my 360 at launch." And like normal, you forget the 360 launch was over a YEAR ago... So yes, there are far more things on it now than before, and than the PS3. Further, as the PS3 adds more to their online, the 360 will be as well, so at this rate it will never catch up regardless of how you look at it.

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When will it be available for PS2?

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cool good for them

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Darn they get Tekken cheap!

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Where's Mortal Kombat 2?

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sascha23: No offense, seeing as i usualy end up with all ofthe major consoles in the long run as well, but i would hardly call the PS3 a 'major' console at the moment, given it's complete lack of decent games (Resistance, MGS4 and crrentl, FFXIII being the only ones not available elsewhere) and barely affordable price point, it's not exactly got good propects for the future right now. As much as i agree with your point though, this prices are hardly the biggest ripoff flying around these days ($900+for the PS3 please?... Sure...)

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Not bad I suppose. Could be better.

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Cool beans! I had less than that to play on my 360 at launch. Sony just needs to keep the momentum and it'll be fine. It's nice to see the 360 network now and see how things evolved. But I can safely say Sony is doing an equally good job with their startup network in retrospect. @ dasloafer: Really? $14 for a 1080p full-length version of Tekken is too much? How about the free version of Gran Turismo HD? Let me guess, you don't own a PS3 so you have to say something to mock it? I suppose I see things differently as an owner of all the main consoles.

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gt hd is great i play it all the time

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skeetz1609 Not a bad selection... but flOw is finished why not release that too? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because in case you haven't noticed, Sony doesn't think much of the European market, they charge them more and give them less.

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They should have made them free to make up for the missing parts

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Four whole games, wow. *clap*............*clap*..............................................*clap*

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wow...ripoff for our pals across the pond

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Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Gran Turismo HD Thats what I'll be DLing on day one, hope GT-HD is free ? if not I'll be pissed. maybe DL Lemmings, but I read that its poo. Hows Blast Factor, dont no much about the game...

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xbox live arcade will own all !! (oh apart from tekken =S)

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"Not a bad selection... but flOw is finished why not release that too?" Just do a search on Google and download it ::shrugs::

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Now this is much better then the downloadable content. Prices are okay too, But the introductory price levels are a bit off concern. What are the real prices after the May 23? Hope the prices aren't too high...... Have FuN, play a Game. ^-^

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Join the Resistance brother beives

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GTHD Rocks!!!

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I cant wait for GT-HD

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And how about €-Prices?

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Maybe more games.

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As soon as I get my ps3 im going to download GT HD for sure.

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Not a bad selection... but flOw is finished why not release that too?

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That seems pretty good. Dark Resurrection is well worth £6.99. I just hope they don't make people pay for Gran Turismo HD.