Etrom: The Astral Essence announced

PM Studios announces that it's working on an action RPG set in a futuristic, neo-gothic world. First screens inside.


Italy-based PM Studios has today announced that it's working on an action role-playing game for the PC titled Etrom: The Astral Essence. Currently scheduled for release in Europe early in 2004, the game is set in a dark and distant future, at a time when food and water are scarce and numerous human factions are engaged in bloody wars for control of the croma mines--croma being the mineral on which the production of all energy at that time is founded.

"Etrom is not just a game, it's a universe," said Fabio Belsanti, managing director and lead designer at PM Studios. "We are creating a serial project that will become an infinite adventure for those who love fighting and dreaming in mysterious lands. Along with the 3D game we have developed a classic pen-and-paper RPG system that the fans may purchase by Q4 2003. Etrom is also a comic, the issue zero will be released with the RPG system. We're really proud to offer the public such a multifaceted product"

Etrom: The Astral Essence will feature characters and enemies reminiscent of those found in both traditional fantasy and futuristic role-playing games, so alongside the usual array of dragons and demons, players will find themselves being confronted by tanks and robots. The weapons in the game will also have an eclectic feel, with axes and spells available for use alongside heavy machine guns, bazookas, and the like.

Further details on the game are scarce at present, but PM Studios has stated that the game will be nonlinear in design and will feature no less than seven possible endings. The developer has also confirmed that the game will feature multiplayer support, although specific details are not available at this time. We'll bring you more information on Etrom: The Astral Essence as soon as it becomes available.

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