Eternal Darkness spiritual successor teased

Original game's creators will debut Shadow of the Eternals sequel on Monday; Denis Dyack is involved.


The creators of survival horror game Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem today teased a spiritual successor to Silicon Knights' 2002 GameCube game called Shadow of the Eternals.

Image credit: IGN
Image credit: IGN

The game's teaser trailer on IGN points out that the title is in development at Precursor Games, an all-new outfit.

According to comments made by IGN staff on Twitter, Silicon Knights founder and president Denis Dyack is attached to the project in some form.

A crowd-funding campaign for Shadow of the Eternals will go live on Monday, though further details were not divulged.

The original Eternal Darkness originated as a Nintendo 64 project before being shifted to the GameCube, where it was the platform's first M-rated game. For more, check out GameSpot's review.

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Shame its not a direct sequel and the main character looks a lot less interesting than Alexandra. Really glad they're finally making this, just hope its a good game and doesn't ride on the coattails of its incredible predecessor.

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From watching the trailer, I presume the reaper are coming.

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going to fund this for the wii u right now :)

Avatar image for paireon

Oooohh yeah. Been waiting for this for 10 years.

Looks like my crowdfunding addiction ain't over yet though.

Avatar image for MagneticFusion

@paireon Me too! Been waiting a long time.

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Wii u and pc ? Then its pc for me! The best looking version :). Its a funny thing that nintendo couldnt even secure this as an exclusive.

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Exciting news! Makes me wanna go back and play Eternal Darkness again. Love that game. Time to dust off the GameCube !

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Hmm i very much enjoyed the original and i am now looking very forward to seeing how this works out. Let's just see how they can top the original in terms of creative mechanics ohh how i hated when your character's head would lop off lol^^

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@Imperiacommando More importantly it is hecka delayed...we are talking like ten years later.

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I LOLd when my friend thought ED deleted his save game XD

Avatar image for MagneticFusion

@brxricano LMAO

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I wonder what the release window for this game is. I guess it's another reason for me to consider buying a Wii U pretty soon(the other being the Wind Waker remake).

Avatar image for LtReviews


I have a feeling this won't be released for the Wii U-

Though almost definitely it probably won't be exclusive to the Wii U-

It would be financial suicide for a developer to release an m-rated horror game exclusively for the Wii U

Avatar image for Zerabp

@LtReviews @BradBurns Another Article on IGN confirms it's for the Wii-U and PC

Avatar image for abHS4L88

@LtReviews @BradBurns

If it's going to be crowd-funded, pretty sure they're not looking to make a huge profit, just to provide gamers with an experience they've been waiting for for over a decade. Plus ZombiU did fairly well launching with the Wii U.

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Eternal Darkness was a fantastic game. I was caught off-guard by the game's devious sanity system more than once :)

Avatar image for kohle36

@hadlee73 One of the best games of its generation, hands down

Avatar image for Epicurus-Reborn

Yessss!!!!! This game was so clever with its sanity system. Hopefully this one can be just as innovative and scary.

Avatar image for NeleNel

I remember playing it with my friend watching, and the volume bar started dropping. Of course we blamed each other for sitting on the remote, and then noticed it right in front of the TV. I've never dropped a controller and screamed NOPE so fast in my life.

Avatar image for Smokescreened84

The shrinking one and the blue screen one of course, when that one happened it was definitely a case of 'OH HELL NO!' were the most memorable moments for me of Eternal Darkness.

Avatar image for Zelseisdabest

@Imperiacommando its a horror 3 person game. go look up eternal darkness on youtube its one of the best games of the SD generation

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I recognized most of the environments in that trailer. They were lifted directly from the church level(s) in Eternal Darkness.

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Wait... Denis Dyack is attached to the project?

Abandon ship. This is a terrible idea.

Avatar image for OuTLaWzGamer

this better not turn out as another watered down trash for the mass market like the RE franchise

Avatar image for GSJones1994

@OuTLaWzGamer Don't worry. Capcom's not making it.

Avatar image for badiie05

never got across to play this on my gamecube

Avatar image for HonorOfGod

@badiie05 If you by any chance see it somewhere.. buy it!! It wont disappoint you and its super rare. Here is hoping that this one will be good because now in days most games stink.

Avatar image for davidsworld3

Gotta admit that the graphics look like shit though, not really excusable for this days technology, but I will get it as long as they kept the same formula and scares.

Avatar image for davidsworld3

Wow I hope they didn't really change anything important in this one. Doesn't look visually in line with how long it's been since the last one but that wont matter as long as it's as awesome and scary as the first! More baddies, plus some classic returns, and of course the psych meter my favorite part is when things get really screwed up and change on ya!

Lets hope they dont ruin the long awaited sequel!

It's really a must to get the pc version though as you can get way better visuals and overall performance, plus I dont own a wii u and never will.

Avatar image for sflowers539

If this happens I will buy a Wii U just for this game. More details come out Monday. Buying a system for one game will suck, but the Wii U will probably be $99 when this comes out based on the way it is selling.

Avatar image for ArabrockermanX

@sflowers539 Don't lie to yourself you won't buy just 1 game. Either that or you will keep telling yourself you're only buying one game until you miss out on other great games on the console... I bought a ps3 for GT5 and ended up owning a decent sized library on it(talking about exclusives).

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@ArabrockermanX @sflowers539

I have always been a Nintendo guy and I hope I do eventually get a Wii U with this game and many others dude. But right now if I had one the only game I would likely have is the Mario Brothers one, and that would mostly be for traditional and nostalgic value, I am sure good exclusives will eventually come out but there are none on the direct horizon (unless you count this).

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Eternal darkness was great. hopefully this is just as good or even better, don't get the too human hate in the comments the only floor with that game is that it was to short.

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What ever happened to Silicon Knights? They put out Too Human, which was a great looking game but gameplay sucked, and then they kinda disappeared.

Avatar image for ultramega9


Dennis ran the company into the ground with his negligence and ego.

Avatar image for Vodoo

@ultramega9 @Vodoo Thanks for the link! That was a long and fscinating read about about the deceptive, inner workings of Silicon Knights and how they tried to screw over publishers.

Avatar image for DrRockso87

@Vodoo They filed a lawsuit against Epic Games and lost, costing them over $4.5 million dollars and ordered to destroy any remaining unsold copies of 'Too Human' as well as remove it from Xbox Live Marketplace.

Lately they've bitched about used games and made 'X-Men: Destiny' so... yeah.

But at least here they may make something worthwhile (granted the asking price is risky).

Avatar image for TanyaLover

If I didn't know better, I'd say that image resembled Anthony :o

Avatar image for DrKill09

Aren't Silicon Knights the guys who ruined MGS1 with new voice actors and made that awful game Too Human?

Yuck. No thanks.

Avatar image for eva02langley

@DrKill09 LOL... sorry pal, but that was Konami share of the work. Blame them, not Silicon Knight!

Avatar image for Badw0lf1993

@DrKill09 Clearly you did not play Eternal Darkness. I agree with MGS1 and Too Human, but ED is SOOOOOOOOOO bloody good. Also Silicon Knights isn't working on this anyway, the Director of ED is the only one working on it from SK i believe.

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@Badw0lf1993 @DrKill09 Denis Dyack sucks. I would never buy a game from that guy ever again.

Avatar image for Badw0lf1993

@green_scorpion @Badw0lf1993 @DrKill09 I'm sure his involvement will be minimal at best. Boycotting the game before it's even out based on that opinion is a little ridiculous to me, but hey, to each their own I suppose.

Avatar image for ArabrockermanX

@eva02langley @green_scorpion @Badw0lf1993 @DrKill09 Well he did have to fall flat on his face before going back to ED...

Avatar image for eva02langley

@green_scorpion @Badw0lf1993 @DrKill09 Well, Eternal Darkness is easily the second best survival horror ever. So you know what, you are damn wrong.

And who got ripped of Legacy of Kain rights? You did know they invented the damn series?

Avatar image for jasongm

Wow i actually remember how fun and difficult this game was.. has it been over 10 years already? I feel so much older now...

Avatar image for davidsworld3

@jasongm Same here I live a completely different life style now, but still the same gamer that still loves that game...gonna have to play it again soon.

Avatar image for KamikazeDonut

WOOHOO! Now I just need to go back to Eternal Darkness and finish the last few levels.

Avatar image for RE2LeonS

Don't you tease me man, don't you EFFING TEASE ME!!!!!! I have been waiting for this for a very very long time!