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Essential Red Dead 2 Cheat Codes To Use For Some Extra Fun

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Tips & Tricks for the wild west.

While Red Dead Redemption 2 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One takes place in a very realistic world where many dynamic, and engrossing systems play off one another, this is a Rockstar game. As such, there are plenty of opportunities to engage in dumb and ridiculous fun. Beyond what you can make happen on your own, much like the original game, you can access a variety of cheat codes in the game to enhance and fundamentally alter aspects of your to suit your needs. Though we strongly recommend finishing the main story and seeing all the key events before trying out these codes out, you're free to use those to your liking at any time (though some codes do require advancing to a certain point in the story first).

In order to start messing around with these codes, you'll need to input the key phrases into the Cheats menu--which is accessible in the Settings option in the pause menu. While many of these codes can be used at any time, many of these options will require some extra effort to unlock. As of now, we haven't discovered all of them, and several of them will needed to be unlocked after acquiring specific newspapers from the various towns throughout the game. However, before you activate these cheats, you'll need to know that doing so will deactivate all Achievements and Trophies for your save game after the initial use. So before you go crazy with these codes, be sure to make a separate save file.

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And with that, here's our quick list of some of the best codes to use. Though if you want to know more about Rockstar's open world western, go check out our Red Dead Redemption 2 review. Though if you're looking for tips and other details to learn, check our essential guide for newcomers, and along with our round up of interesting details that the game doesn't tell you about.

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Drunk On Command

By inputting the phrase "A fool on command" in the cheats menu, you'll unlock the Drunk option. This will instantly make Arthur intoxicated, resulting in him wobble about as he struggles to stand up straight. You'll even get an occasional odd comment from him as he wanders down the street or insolation while in the wilderness. While enabled, this will keep the main character perpetually drunk. But if you've had enough, you can deselect the option to return Arthur to his sober self--and all without the nasty hangover.

A Horse Ride Is Only A Whistle Away

As you're gradually building a bond with your new steed, you'll notice that whistling for your horse will only work within fairly short distances. If you don't have time to invest in building up your bond to increase the distance, you can input the code "Better than my dog" to get it to come to you at anytime, regardless of where you are on the map. This can be quite handy when you're traveling the great distances and you can't be bothered to backtrack to where you last left them.

That New Horse Smell

However, if you feel you deserve a stronger and more able-bodied stallion to help you cover great distances, the code "Run! Run! Run!" will do just the trick. After activating this code, you'll instantly spawn a prized race horse for Arthur to ride. As Red Dead Redemption 2 features a large variety of different horses, this particular mare is naturally adept at getting from A to B quickly.

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A New, Rejuvenated You

After spending so much time traveling in the wilderness and getting into dangerous scrapes with many of the gangs roaming the land, you'll often find yourself in rough shape. If you need a pick-me-up fast, then enter the cheat "You flourish before you die" to fully restore Arthur's main cores. Once you're top shape, you'll be able to dive right back into your adventure in no time.

Guns, Lots Of Guns

When you're living life as a bandit, the difference between seeing another day and laying face-first in the dirt could down to what weapon you're holding in your hand. So if you want to upgrade your own hardware to even the odds, use the code "Greed is American Virtue" to unlock a new set of weapons for the traveling outlaw. Once activated you'll find the Pump-Action Shotgun, Mauser Pistol, Semi-Automatic Pistol, and Bolt-Action Rifle sitting in your inventory. To unlock this cheat for use, you'll need to finish the Advertising, the New American Art mission in Chapter 3, and then acquire a newspaper in the town of Rhodes.

All The Ammo You Need

Red Dead Redemption 2 prides itself on on offering semi-realistic world where survival is dependent on the resources you have. However, there may come a time where you wish that ammo was in more plentiful supply. If that ever happens, all you'll need to do is use the cheat "Abundance is the dullest desire" in the menu, which is unlocked after picking up the newspaper in Valentine during Chapter 2. Once activated, all ammo will come in unlimited supply, and you can keep firing off your weapons without worrying to count your bullets.

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