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Essential Accessories For Your Nintendo Switch

Accessorize your Switch.

The Nintendo Switch is a unique gaming machine in that it does double duty as a home console and a handheld without breaking a sweat. Despite its all-in-one approach to gaming, the Switch doesn't come with everything that would be useful to owners. In fact, its versatility makes a whole array of accessories all but necessary if you want to get the most out of Nintendo's flagship hardware. Below, we highlight all the Switch accessories that might come in handy no matter how you use it.

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Carrying Case

The ability to take the Nintendo Switch on the go with you is one of the console's main selling points. Unfortunately, the Switch is a fragile machine that can break or scratch easily if left loose in a bag. That's why a carrying case is essential for keeping your Switch in tip-top condition. This one from Orzly is tough enough to keep your Switch secure, and it comes with enough pockets to store all the cables and games you'll want to bring along with you.

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MicroSD Card

The onboard storage that comes in a Nintendo Switch doesn't get you very far in the age of HD gaming. That's not a problem if you install a microSD card to give your Switch more storage space. Here are several options so you can pick one that suits your storage needs.

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Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

The Nintendo Switch comes with two Joy-Cons and a Joy-Con Grip you can slide them into to create a, well, controller-like device. But nothing beats a real controller, and that's what you get with the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. It even has a true D-pad.

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Screen Protector

Even the most careful Switch owners can wind up getting scratches on their screen. A screen protector like this high-rated glass one is cheap and easy to apply. And if you do get a scratch on it, just remove it and apply the other one that comes in the package.

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Adjustable Charging Stand

If you've ever used your Switch's kickstand, you know how thin, breakable, and unadjustable it is. Nearly anyone who spends serious time gaming in tabletop mode would prefer something a little sturdier that can tilt for maximum comfort. This stand does both, and as a bonus, it can charge your Switch while you play.

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Joy-Con Charging Station

It can be a major pain when your controller runs out of batteries. To keep your Joy-Cons powered up with this charging station all you have to do is drop them in, and they'll go from zero to fully charged in four hours. It holds up to four Joy-Cons at a time, so you'll always be ready to get your game on.

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Nintendo Switch AC Adapter

Before traveling with your Switch, you could try to remember to disconnect your AC adapter from the dock--if you can even reach it in the tangled cables behind your entertainment stand. Or you could just buy an extra charging cable and keep it in your bag at all times.

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Battery Pack

Playing on the go is all fun and games--until your Switch's battery dies. If you have an extra battery pack, you can keep the fun going. It can even charge your phone or tablet whenever they need juice and an outlet is nowhere in sight.

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