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ESRB slips, Dies Hard

Ratings board leaks news of summer blockbuster film-to-game adaptation for Xbox 360.


As it is wont to do, the Entertainment Software Rating Board let slip word on an unannounced game coming out in the near future. Appearing in the game rater's database was an Xbox 360 listing for the summer blockbuster Live Free or Die Hard. As with the PG-13-rated film, the video game adaptation has been rated T for Teen, with modifiers for blood and violence.

As per the ESRB's site, Sensory Sweep will be on development duties for the upcoming game. Last year, the developer gained attention with Street Fighter II' Hyper Fighting on the Xbox 360. Thus far this year, the developer's work has included the DS version of Justice League Heroes as well as SnoCross 2: Featuring Blair Morgan for the PlayStation 2.

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