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ESRB: Eidos runs Gauntlet on DS

Ratings board lists new version of Midway's arcade dungeon crawler with Tomb Raider maker attached as publisher.


The Midway Games name is closely associated with a number of classic arcade franchises, such as Spy Hunter, Rampage, Defender, Joust, and Mortal Kombat. But perhaps none is more closely associated with the publisher than the four-player dungeon-crawling action game Gauntlet.

That made it all the more interesting earlier this week when the Entertainment Software Rating Board updated its online database with a listing for a new Gauntlet game on the Nintendo DS, one published by UK-based Eidos. Rated T for Teen, Eidos' Gauntlet was issued content descriptors for blood, fantasy violence, and alcohol references, a combination of warnings more in line with an update to the series along the lines of the Gauntlet Legends or Seven Sorrows games than the arcade originals (remakes of which have been rated E for Everyone).

When asked for comment, a Midway representative told GameSpot, "There is nothing that we can comment on at this time." Representatives from Eidos have not responded to GameSpot's inquiries. The ESRB has also removed the game from its online database, although a representative had not clarified the reasons for the removal as of press time.

If the listing proves accurate, it would not be the first time another publisher has handled Midway's seminal arcade action series. Atari published home versions of Gauntlet Legends, Microsoft and Sony handled the publishing on the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network downloads in the series, and Destination Software released a Game Boy Advance combo cartridge that paired the original arcade game with another fondly remembered Midway franchise, Rampart.

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