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Esports Boxing Club Is Trying To Pick Up Where EA Fight Night Left Off

A new video for the indie boxing game Esports Boxing Club shows off its realistic character models, animation, and mechanics.


A new promotional video for upcoming indie boxing game Esports Boxing Club shows that the game is very much trying to pick up the mantle of EA's Fight Night series. The lengthy video demonstrates several of the game's key aspects, including its fluid animations, detailed fight mechanics, and in-depth career mode.

Though the game is still in alpha, it certainly has the visual fidelity that fans of simulation boxing games like Fight Night have come to expect, with believable animations. In the video, various members of developer Steel City Interactive explain how they hope to bring additional layers of depth to the genre by including the ability to feint and giving certain stances the ability to automatically block certain punches.

Boxing fans have been ill-served by big video game studios in the past decade or so. The last game in the Fight Night series, Champion, came out in 2011, and we haven't seen a major boxing game since then. The studio behind Fight Night, EA Canada, has transitioned to making the official UFC games in the intervening years. While Esports Boxing Club doesn't yet have a release date, Steel City indicates that it will be released in Early Access on PC and consoles in the coming months.

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