ESPN NHL 2K5 golden

$19.99 puckfest skates off to the factory, due September 1.


ESPN Videogames has announced that ESPN NHL 2K5 has gone gold. Developed by Kush Games, published by Sega, and codistributed by Take-Two, the hockey sim will ship on September 1. Like the recently released ESPN NFL 2K5, the E-rated game will be available for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox--and will only cost $19.99.

As is common with sports franchises, ESPN NHL 2K5 offers a similar experience to its predecessor, but it will sport enhanced gameplay and new features. Among these features are: Intense Contact Controls, which enhance in-game bodily contact and allow for physical intimidation; Dream Team Mode, which features all-star teams picked by NHL athletes and ESPN commentators; an expanded Skybox, with more than 50 unlockables, including retro jerseys and "create-a-team" logos; and a Party Mode, with 15 different hockey-themed minigames.

To find out more about ESPN NHL 2K5, read GameSpot’s latest preview.

$8.99 on Walmart

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