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ESPN NFL 2K5 officially $19.99

New budget price for the latest installment in Visual Concepts' acclaimed football franchise is announced.


Two days ago, many sports fans did a double take when they saw ESPN NFL 2K5 listed at a $19.99 price point on and However, at the time, officials from the game's developer, Visual Concepts, wouldn't officially confirm the new budget price, saying only, "We will have big announcements regarding the game soon."

Apparently "soon" meant "Friday." Today, is advertising the new $19.99 price point on its home page as "just announced." Sources within the retailer confirmed that "The $19.99 launch price for [the] Xbox and PS2 is official and has been confirmed by the publisher."

The price drop marks an aggressive move by ESPN NFL 2K5's publisher to win new football fans in the Madden NFL-dominated market. It also comes just days after Sega announced it had signed a deal with Take-Two Interactive to co-distribute the entire line of ESPN games, which it formerly published solo. However, since the agreement was technically between Sega and Global Star Software, Take-Two's budget game subsidiary, rumors of a price drop for the game were already widespread.

The "E" for Everyone-rated ESPN NFL 2K5 will be released on August 24 for the Xbox and PlayStation 2. For more information, read the brand-spanking-new preview of the game by GameSpot's own Bob Colayco.

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