ESPN College Hoops dribbles into stores

The latest college basketball game from ESPN Videogames is suited up and ready to play for a budget price.


ESPN College Hoops

ESPN Videogames today announced that ESPN College Hoops 2K5 in now available in stores. The game was developed by Visual Concepts, maker of ESPN's NBA 2K series. The title, in its sophomore season as part of the ESPN Videogames family, is available for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox.

This latest incarnation of the franchise features the publishers' trademark ESPN-style presentation, returning commentators Jay Bilas and Mike Patrick on the mic.

ESPN College Hoops 2K5 sports a new "pass-n-go" system that adds more control, allowing gamers to perform a traditional pass or go for a riskier lead pass for an easy bucket. The new passing system also gives gamers more control over alley-oop and give-and-go dishes.

For those who prefer masterminding the action from the sideline, ESPN has added legacy mode. Legacy mode challenges gamers to bring a small-time program to the big time as head coach. Gamers will have to deal with all the issues coaches do, and seasons can hinge on successful recruiting, frugal use of the school's budget, and player performance. Successful coaches won't go unnoticed, as accomplishing goals and winning championships will attract the attention of powerhouse programs, who may hire you to improve their chances. More details can be found in GameSpot's full review.

Both the PS2 and Xbox version support online play. ESPN College Hoops 2K5 is rated E and sells for $19.99.

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