Escape Room Home Release Has Plenty Of Deleted Scenes, Watch One Here

Available digitally on April 9.

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Now Playing: Escape Room - Exclusive 'Extended Gaslight' Deleted Scene

Escape rooms seem to be all the rage, but what if the room you were "trapped" in was more than a typical puzzle box of clues and mysteries? What if it was actively trying to kill you? That's the plot to the Sony Pictures movie Escape Room, which will be available digitally on April 9 and on Blu-ray and DVD on April 23.

Bonus materials will be available with both digital and physical copies of the movie upon release, which include deleted and alternate scenes. One of these deleted scenes is titled "Gaslight," which you can see for yourself above before it's released.

In the scene, the police pull up to the building with Zoey Davis (Taylor Russell). The police get off an elevator and investigate the area where the deadly escape room once was. However, upon entering, Zoey sees that everything that was once in the room was completely stripped away. The escape room is nothing more than concrete walls with graffiti on them, leaving Zoey to defend her own sanity to the officers.

In addition to the deleted scenes, there are four featurettes where director Adam Robitel and the cast discuss how the movie came together and how the actual Escape Room was built, without using any green screen magic and relying entirely on practical effects. Below, you'll find everything included in the bonus materials for the digital and physical copies of the movies.

Escape Room bonus materials:

Alternate Ending and opening

Deleted Scenes:

  • Ben Liquor Store
  • Jason Motorcycle
  • Mirror Flashback
  • Jason Office
  • Technician and Zoey
  • Gaslight


  • “Games, Set, Match”
  • “The Lone Survivors”
  • “Would You Ever Part 1 & 2”

Escape Room comes out digitally on April 9 and physically on April 23.

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