Escape From Tarkov--Will It Have Microtransactions?

Escape From Tarkov will be "a traditional, full purchase," according to the game's project lead.


A few years ago, GameSpot spoke with Escape From Tarkov's project lead Nikita Buyanov about the then-unreleased shooter's ambitions. Back then, we were curious about its blend of action, survival, and role-playing, its high-risk looting system, and more. You can read the full interview from 2016 here.

Now, with Escape From Tarkov a few years into its closed beta and recently enjoying a popularity spike thanks to some popular streamers and a huge late-2019 update, we've decided to revisit a few major questions newcomers may have about the upcoming MMOFPS. Namely: will Escape From Tarkov have microtransactions?

New players can rest easy. According to Buyanov, Escape From Tarkov will be "a traditional, full purchase," free of microtransactions and other free-to-play trappings. That means you pay once and you get the full content of the game.

There are currently a few editions of Escape From Tarkov available for pre-order on its official website. Its Standard Edition is $44.99 and comes with instant access to the closed beta, plus a few items to get you started. The more advanced, pricier editions come with more items and a bigger stash, which is where you store in-game loot after you've completed a raid. Some players have questioned whether Tarkov's pre-order model is "pay to win" based on the additional items and stash sizes that more expensive editions afford buyers, but others argue it makes no difference given Tarkov's high-stakes perma-loss system.

Currently, you can only buy Escape From Tarkov on its official website and play it using developer Battlestate Games' client, the Battlestate Games Launcher--which has many new players and potential new players asking if Escape From Tarkov will have a Steam release.

If you're new to the game and looking for some beginner's tips, check out our Escape From Tarkov hotkeys guide for a list of the most important movement and combat controls and essential inventory shortcuts.

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