Escape From Tarkov Gears Up For Today's Wipe With In-Game Changes

Escape From Tarkov developer Battlestate Games has announced the next patch arrives today.


If you log in to Escape From Tarkov today, things may be a bit more hectic than usual. That's because a major update for the game, patch 0.12.11, is releasing today. Ahead of the patch actually landing, developer Battlestate Games implemented some fitting changes, such as disabling secure containers and vendors offering their wares for next to nothing.

With secure containers no longer working, players aren't able to keep any of their valuable items between runs anymore. Likewise, players will have an easier time trying out any items they weren't able to get their hands on thanks to vendors charging much less. These both tie into the game's upcoming wipe, prompting players to care less about their soon-to-be-deleted gear and more about trying new things out.

Escape From Tarkov, much like Rust, charts player progression through their inventories. The more advanced gear a player has, the further along they are. So, when inventories in the game are wiped, it's a pretty big deal--everyone is on the same level, with the same equipment. Escape From Tarkov issues two wipes each year, with this being the first of 2021. The last wipe for Escape From Tarkov came in December of last year.

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The patch installation began on June 30. It's ongoing as of right now, and had to be extended slightly.

More content is also on the way for Escape From Tarkov. The game is getting a new area called the Streets of Tarkov, first shown off at the Summer Game Fest. Streets of Tarkov will be added to the game as part of its 0.13 update, though developer BattleState Games has not shared when that update will hit the game.

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