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Escape From Mount Stupid returns for a third season. This week, Danny takes a look at Starcraft and its influence on the wider world of pro gaming.


Starcraft was one of those games I watched from afar for many years. A good friend of mine was crazy about it, but to those unfamiliar with the genre, Starcraft can be an intimidating game to get into--especially when your mate is enthusiastically gushing about complex tactics, strategy, and build orders.

When Starcraft II came out, I saw it as a way into the genre. I bought it on launch day and played through about half the single-player mode, but I was soon distracted by another new release and never went back.

My relationship with Starcraft could well have ended there, but a few months ago a bunch of us at GameSpot UK made a conscious decision to learn the finer intricacies of the game. Most of us were ignorant of the likes of pro gaming, which has become such an important part of gaming, and Starcraft II seemed to be a good starting point. A few months of playing later, and I can now say that I not only understand Starcraft, but I absolutely love playing it.

Last season we launched with an episode about my favourite game series of all time--Half-Life--so this time around it was nice to get the ball rolling with a game that I've only recently come to love. We've got nine more episodes left in this season, covering some of the most requested topics from last year. Make sure you watch the end of the episode to see what's coming up next week.

Special thanks to Evil Geniuses' Scott Smith for taking the time out of his busy schedule to come in and talk to us. His full interview will be up soon enough. That guy knows his stuff, so I highly recommend you check it out.

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