Escape From Mount Stupid - Secret Russian Tank Adventure

Danny and Mark fly to Moscow to attend the world's craziest pro-gaming tournament.


I'm not really sure where to start this one if I'm honest. I think my journey with World of Tanks began at E3 this year when myself and John Davison interviewed's enigmatic CEO Victor Kislyi. It was clear to me then that he had mastered some sort of mad, secret revolution--a game that was being played by millions upon millions of people around the world, none of whom I'd ever met.

So when the opportunity came to attend's global championships, myself and Mark jumped at the chance. I honestly didn't know why I was going--my knowledge of World Of Tanks being so limited--but I knew I wanted to know more about this odd little game, and the devoted fans who play it.

After four days in Russia and hours upon hours of footage, I was more confused than ever. Culture shock may have been part of it, but my time at Ural Steel 2012 was unlike anything I'd ever experienced. I went expecting a massive show that would proclaim World of Tanks as a global player on the pro-gaming stage. Instead, what we attended was a celebration of World of Tank's players and fans, and a strange and terrible journey into the heartland of Russia.

Check out Mark's article about the URAL Steel championship to read more about our strange and wonderful journey into World of Tanks.

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