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Escape From Mount Stupid - Point and Click Adventures

From Maniac Mansion to Monkey Island, Danny takes a look at the history of point and click adventure games.


Do you know how many adventure games there are? From all my researching for this episode, I reckon about five billion. For the sake of brevity and focus, I decided to concentrate on the point and click sub-genre, and even then it was heartbreaking having to cut so many games out.

If I'm honest, I was pretty shocked about how many of these incredible games I'd forgotten about. I was very young when I started playing point and clicks, and though I've played most of the classics, there are many more that passed me by. I'm now expecting a lot of packages from eBay over the coming weeks.

What interests me the most about point and clicks is their value in the modern world. Though the genre has produced some of the most memorably stories in gaming, mechanically they are incredibly basic. Modern gamers demand a lot more, and development teams and budgets are sized accordingly. While the growing independent market could be seen as the perfect place for new adventures, big budget adventure games are definitely still a possibility. After years of experimentation, Telltale Games are making a good argument for it with The Walking Dead.

For the first time in a long time the adventure game genre is exciting. So while you wait for Double Fine Adventure and the latest Walking Dead episode to come out, I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane. Just log out of eBay first to be safe.

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