Escape From Mount Stupid - Metal Gear

This week on Escape From Mount Stupid, Danny tackles the many incarnations of Metal Gear.


The bell rang for lunch, and five of us made our way into town. It was early 1999, and I had just turned 13. My friends and I would usually start our generous 90-minute school lunch break by going to the local shop for some grub, but on this day we walked straight past--this day was different.

We walked to the book shop and huddled around the games magazine section. There it was: Issue 42 of Official PlayStation Magazine UK. And stuck onto the front with adhesive resin was a cover disk containing the first playable demo of Metal Gear Solid. We grabbed five of them, paid the man, and ran back to school. I didn't concentrate much in class that afternoon.

It's amazing what you remember, but I recently posted an image of this issue on Twitter and was inundated with stories familiar to mine. For many of us, this demo sparked a love affair with the series that still remains. For others, the story of Metal Gear goes back much further.

Metal Gear is the story of a designer finding his vision, of a franchise spanning 25 years, of young men getting old, of war changing. It's not an easy series to sum up in a single video, but if this episode fails to answer every question you had about the series, I hope it succeeds in celebrating one of gaming's most beloved franchises.

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