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Danny runs through the storied history of F1 games, from Gran Trak 10 to F1 2012.


F1 2012

F1 is one of those divisive sports that you either love or hate. The beauty is in the characters behind the wheel--their stories and passion. And once it hooks you, you're in.

Game development has its fair share of characters too, and the men and women who develop the best Formula One games are some of the most die hard fans around.

I only returned to watching F1 a few years ago, just about the time Codemasters resurrected a genre that was all but dead. At the same time the quality of the sport itself has improved, dramatically in recent seasons. So there's no better time to be fan, especially with the release of F1 2012 almost upon us.

For those of you who love the sport, I hope this serves as a trip down memory lane. And for those of you who aren't, perhaps this episode will encourage you to give it a go. At least a few laps.

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