ESA unveils charity combo pack

Industry trade group asking $29.99 for Cars, Fuzion Frenzy, Open Season; expected proceeds of $2 million will support positive youth programs.


In 2005, the Entertainment Software Association and Sony Computer Entertainment of America worked together to release the ESA Charity Pack, a discount-priced threesome of PlayStation 2 games that raised more than $1.5 million for a variety of US children's charities.

The ESA is reprising the endeavor this year with the help of Microsoft. The 2007 ESA Charity Pack will include a trio of original Xbox games and sell for $29.99 at retailers throughout the US. The pack includes Disney's Cars, Open Season, and Fuzion Frenzy, all of which can be played using the Xbox 360's backward compatibility. The pack is expected to generate $2 million in proceeds, which will be donated to the trade group's charitable arm, the ESA Foundation.

[UPDATE]: Judging by the package art for this year's ESA Charity Pack and the retailer product listings, the ESA Foundation's announcement contained multiple errors. The charity pack actually contains the Xbox 360 editions of Cars and Open Season, as well as Fuzion Frenzy 2, the Xbox 360 sequel to the original Xbox launch title Fuzion Frenzy.

Other companies that helped make the project possible by waiving fees or donating services include Great Western Industries, Packaging 2.0 LLC, Sonopress, Technicolor, Iridio, and TenGun Design.

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this is great. I would buy all 3, if I had an xbox. Good for them

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You guy's must not work in gaming retail or have kids. Fuzion Frenzy is one of the better selling party games that I have seen on the xbox and cars is a really good game for kids. Just because you don't like them does not mean that nobody else does. I manage a game store and have two kids, and in my store both of those games do very well, open season could definitly been somthing different, but overall this would do well at my store. Keep in mind this is a bundle for kids to raise money for childrens charity it is designed to apeal to parents with kids.

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2 mill in procedes for crap no one will ever buy thats a lil inflated dont you think

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leave it to ea to sell something nobody will ever buy . i hope the charities are not counting on gittin anything

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I dont know and I know care!!!

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I picked this up the other day.

Avatar image for Lord__Darkstorn

this is kind of expensive for games that noone wants...

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This has been out on 360 for a few weeks now, they are 360 games, and it's fuzion frenzy 2.

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Well, it is definitely "charity" to buy that combo...

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A better three pack: Psychonauts, Beyond Good and Evil, iNinja. MS would have to make BG&E backwards compatible, but that isn't a bad thing. :p

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Great choice of a system, but could some better games be too much to ask for?

Avatar image for Rikstah

lol yeah to put it bluntly they're offering some crappy games

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I agree with LockdownLA, if they had more appealing, but reasonable all ages games, they could make so much more money for this cause.

Avatar image for LockdownLA

That's really great in spirit, but man, could they have picked more appealing games? I'd rather just donate the cash than get those stinkers.

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I have it already have it and the games are for the xbox 360 not the xbox and yes they are the full games its a great deal for not so great of games. But you can get 3000 pointsof achivements if you want to play the games all the way thourgh. Its only $10 a game!!!!!

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they are 360 games, i've seen the pack at least twice in the past week

Avatar image for ColdfireTrilogy

Not games i really wanted to play. :S

Avatar image for Seymour47

But, I wanted the money to support negative youth programs!

Avatar image for pimpstrel

too bad they didnt do this for games that I would actually buy

Avatar image for Knucinos

Yeah, I'm pretty sure you guys got it wrong, they're 360 games.

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i saw an ad for this in best buy, but it was the 360 versions of Open Season and Cars, and Fuzion Frenzy 2, maybe its just a coincidence?

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I'm not certain these are original Xbox games. The press release at ESA's website isn't very clear though so I can see how GameSpot would think they are Xbox games rather than 360. And maybe they are but the retail box which can be seen at Amazon or GameStop shows Fuzion Frenzy 2 (only on 360) as part of the package rather than the original.

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Nice Work, making Console and selling is not only 1 job they doing. they have many more work beside.

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should have been the 360 versions for achivements but is good too

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What the heck? They're beating a dead horse here. Must be back stock they need to clear out. The world's last real release for original Xbox is Madden NFL 08, same with GameCube.

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Sounds like a great way to do a good deed.

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Now we need everyone to go out and buy this pack.

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That's cool.