Eriksson freed, Gizmondo returning?

The Swedish ex-executive has been released early from a US jail, and a new Web site is touting the return of the handheld.


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It was one of the more bizarre events to hit video game news in the last few years. Back in November 2006, a former executive of Gizmondo crashed a rare Ferrari Enzo at high speed on the Pacific Coast Highway--and then claimed that it was a mysterious German man called Dietrich who was behind the wheel.

Stefan Eriksson was jailed for three years in a Los Angeles court after pleading no contest to charges of embezzlement. The Swede was sentenced to three years in jail in the US, but was moved to a detention centre on December 13, reports Swedish Web site The Local. He is still in the detention centre outside of LA while he awaits a new passport and a flight back to Europe.

In related news, a Web site has popped up claiming that the Gizmondo handheld itself will also be seeing a release into the public. The short demo claims that the Gizmondo will be "A Legend Reborn" and will be "rising again" sometime in 2008.

It claims that the new iteration of the failed handheld, which was originally released in October 2005, will feature an "open source environment," the ability to "create your own games," "Gizmondo live marketplace," and most bizarrely "exciting psychic worlds."

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