Episode 4 Game Of Thrones Preview Trailer Teases The Next Big Battle

What's up next for Season 8?


We're officially at the halfway point of Game of Thrones Season 8, following Episode 3, which featured the dramatic Battle of Winterfell. It was the franchise's longest episode ever, as well as its biggest battle ever, but now that the Night King and the White Walkers have been dealt with, what's going to happen in Episode 4? A trailer offers some hints previewing what comes next on the show. Game of Thrones spoiler warning -- don't read on unless you've seen Episode 3 (and, of course, don't want the trailer above).

Following the airing of Episode 3, HBO released the Episode 4 teaser video, and it hints at yet another fight--albeit one that will probably wait for Episode 5 or 6. It teases another impending battle, this time between Dany and Jon's forces and Cersei's. We also get a brief peek at Jon's direwolf Ghost, who seemingly went missing in Episode 3. Check out the video above to see the teaser video.

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HBO has also shared a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Episode 3 and the Battle of Winterfell. Subsequently, it also shared some Episode 4 photos to complement the trailer. They don't reveal too much about what to expect, but they offer a fresh look at Arya, Jon, Dany, Cersei, and others as we wait, fingers crossed, for the potential Cleganebowl.

The next Game of Thrones episode airs Sunday, May 5. It's another long one, coming in at 78 minutes. The final two episodes, Episode 5 and Episode 6, are each 80 minutes in length. That will wrap up Season 8 and the show overall, although at least one spin-off (a prequel) is in the works. One of the other spin-offs that was in consideration, however, has been canceled. That leaves three more show proposals for HBO to put into production or pass on, though there's no timetable for how soon we might hear about that happening.

Episode 3 enjoyed record ratings; it was the show's most-watched episode ever. That doesn't come as a huge surprise, given the general hype around its runtime and the scale of its battle, which was set to mark the conclusion of a major storyline dating back to the very first episode of the show. It was jam-packed with Easter Eggs and references. We also have a breakdown of what happened to Rhaegal, as well as a broader look at the Night King.

While the mainline Game of Thrones show is ending, George R.R. Martin is still working on new books, including The Winds of Winter. Unfortunately, that's still without a release date despite the last core novel having come out in 2011. The interim has brought other books to expand the universe, but book readers have been left to rely on (or avoid) the TV show to bring closure to storylines that began in 1996.

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