Epic's Cliff Bleszinski and Tanya Jessen Talk Up Fortnite

Comic-Con 2012: Fortnite developers Cliff Bleszinski and Tanya Jessen discuss the game, Unreal Engine 4, and why it’s exclusive to PC.


Scavenge. Build. Survive. Those are the three pillars to the upcoming action game Fortnite, the premier game to feature Unreal Engine 4. During its Comic-Con 2012 panel, Epic Games showed off some early footage from the game, which will be released sometime next year. Specifically, Epic demonstrated how the crossbow weapon will function (including a tightrope upgrade that you can walk across); how the troll enemy will slip past all your defenses; and how players will construct buildings. After the presentation, we caught up with designer Cliff Bleszinski and producer Tanya Jessen to learn more about the game.

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How has Epic selected Fortnite as the premier game for Unreal Engine 4?

Tanya Jessen: Originally, we were making Fortnite in Unreal Engine 3, but as we figuring out what the game was, it started to show promise of being a more open-ended game that will last for many years. At that point, it didn’t make sense to keep it on UE3 because we really saw Fortnite as being something that’s going to be out there and living for a really long time.

On top of that, we had already shown what UE4 can do at the highest level with the Elements demo, so we thought we should put out a game first that was really accessible and that everyone could play on their PCs. This is going to be a game that the PC you own today…will be able to run, and that’s a great thing for the engine, especially as a toolset for game developers out there.

Cliff Bleszinski: Getting a game out the door sooner rather than later helps us because, until you ship a product with all the hooks in place, and all the tools working properly, you can’t start iterating on the engine itself and get it out the door for everyone who's licensing it.

Will Fortnite take advantage of all the features of Unreal Engine 4?

TJ: Fortnite is specific in terms of [scope] and in terms of accessibility, but there is still a lot of things about UE4 that made Fortnite special. One of those, which we talked about during the panel, was Blueprint: the next version of the scripting language K2, or Kismet 2. For example, the skybox [in the demo] was set up by our coders so that the artists could determine all the colors, shaders, and such that should be used at certain times of day and link those to other parts of the game. By creating a blueprint linking streetlamps to time of day, the game will know to automatically activate the lights when dusk starts to fall. Together, these blueprints will help create a more dynamic space.

CB: Coders no longer have to hook in every sound effect and every particle effect manually; the artist can put that stuff in there themselves which is better for iteration, better for production, and better for overall costs.

Why is Fortnite being released as a PC exclusive?

CB: When you're releasing a game that you want to have regular updates on, getting through the [approval] process [on consoles] is a very extensive thing that takes months, and we need to be agile and nimble with this product. Plus, the fact that we're back making a PC-exclusive title--initially, by the way, we won't rule out other platforms further down the line--is news. With our roots and everything, we're coming back to the platform that started it all.

There will be a mod community there [on PC]. We're going to have special events on a regular basis with this game, and still keep tweaking the knobs from back at base and have a dynamic experience for the player--it's almost like dungeon mastering. All those elements added together meant that the PC made the most sense. It's more scalable if you have the high-end monster rig; it's going to look great, and even if you have a crummy one from a few years back, it's not going to look as great but it'll still run. We want to try to hit as large of an audience on the PC as possible.

What do you see as the greatest challenge for original IPs?

CB: It's cutting through the noise of everything out there. The thing about the slow burn of Fortnite's release is that we're slowly going to build our fan base up over a longer period of time and, hopefully, become a massive community.

TJ: Video games are also really expensive to make, so going with something that you already know people love lets [companies] mitigate some of that risk. And--to circle around back to UE4--one of the big goals has been decreasing iteration time and allowing game developers to build something faster with a smaller team. I mean, right now the Fortnite team has 17 core team members and, basically, we try to get things in as fast as we can so that we can test them, iterate on them, and tweak them. UE4 allows us to do that.

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Can you construct impossible buildings in Fortnite? Buildings that are not structurally sound?

CB: There's a fine line to that, because we want to see some crazy M.C. Escher stuff, but we don't want [buildings] that are just off floating in space. We're still determining our rule set for that--you don't have to be a structural engineer to play this game. We're not going to go all Bridge Builder on you.

TJ: A fun part of the game is working around the rules to get what you want accomplished.

What are your thoughts on the recently announced Ouya console, and how disruptive will it be to the console market?

CB: I have absolutely no idea. I think it's cool; I think it recognizes that there's room for sofa gaming and console gaming; I think it proves that users are hungry for [new options].

TJ: Competition is always a good thing; I love how it's shaking things up.

CB: I love indie games. I would have killed for this type of platform as a child growing up. I would have made Jazz Jackrabbit and put it on it. The less gates there are for talented people to make great video games, and get the maximum amount of eyes, the better!


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Avatar image for Frosty192

This game looks awesome. I always wanted to play a zombie game where you can build forts etc to protect yourself. I think a more serious tone (Real world graphics instead of team fortress style) would have been better for me but I am sure this will be just as fun.

Avatar image for Manhasted

Well Epic Games...you got me hyped up. Sounds like you incorporated a bit of strategy, action and thinking into a not so average survival game. I always wondered when a company will move away from the "Shoot Monsters and Survive" aspect and start with the actual problems one might encounter. If I may speculate about the game then I would say Minecraft (I don't really like the game itself but the concept is brilliant) combined with Resident Evil (The successful Capcom brand). Looks like an open ended sandbox and I hope they include the possibility of getting lost and now you need to survive in the city with the things you already have building traps etc. Who said gaming companies didn't try to come up with new ideas. Either way I'm excited to see how this game progresses.

Avatar image for ArcherRO

I wonder if the next UDK will also be free to use as well.

Avatar image for system3142

Epic's attempt at something like a mix between Team Fortress and Saints' Row? As much as I love the fact that it's a PC exclusive, it's tempting to believe the 2nd iteration will get a massive pan-hardware release. I buy the testing story.

Avatar image for tevic


Avatar image for NTM23

The title should have been "Epic's Cliff Bleszinski and Tanya Jessen Talk about something uninteresting."

Avatar image for Daian

You are wondering why it's PC exclusive? It's UE 4, it's Directx 11, current gen can't handle that. It's as simple as that, after next gen comes they might put it consoles too.

Avatar image for BlackWaltz_No_3

@Daian Yeah, I don't understand the hate from this being a PC exclusive, at least for once Epic is making a PC exclusive. I'm really excited about this. The gameplay concept seems fun, like TD but mixed with Minecraft. Not to mention they are making the wise choice of featuring UE4, at least they won't be held back from making high-res textures and taking advantage of DX11 capabilities.

Avatar image for Cyber_Skaarj

@Daian Finally someone who realises the REAL reason this isn't coming to consoles. I read all these comments saying that they would release it when all the testing and updates are done, and thought to myself "you poor, naive people".

It may come out on the next gen consoles, but only if MS and Sony are smart enough to produce DX11 capable machine rather than the DX10 one that Nintendo is making. And even then that's at least a year away, maybe more.

Avatar image for Morbissus

Really? Consoles get stuck with GoW. What a crock of...

Avatar image for jayd02

actually just cliffy is cocky my bad.

Avatar image for jayd02

It will come out on consoles when the PC open beta test is over. Good job again Epic. Great ideas with a not so great, cocky, company.

Avatar image for RavenSoS


I wouldn't get any hopes up about a console version.

Avatar image for Colekern

@RavenSoS I would. The only reason it's a PC exclusive is because they wanna update a lot. Once that's done, it'll probably be for consoles.

Avatar image for armedvigilante

this looks really cool i have always wanted there to be a game like this even since i was a little kid. i hope it comes out on consoles (like maybe the next xbox) or they make a sequal around the time when i get a really good laptop

Avatar image for Colekern

@armedvigilante It'll probably come to consoles, don't worry.

Avatar image for holtrocks

Can't wait to play and see what the modding community comes up with.

Avatar image for Game__Raider

Pretty disappointed its a PC exclusive. This was on my list to watch for must buys. Oh well, its ok. I know i know, you all will say to just buy a gaming PC. Well those cost upwards of $1000 and I just don't have the cash right now. My laptop I have for schooling is the best I can afford right now. *sigh* Hope you all enjoy it.

Avatar image for Colekern

@Game__Raider Give me the specs for your school laptop. Remember the Unreal Engine 4 is very scalable. Plus, they'll probably have it on consoles when it's updated enough to be pretty stable.

Avatar image for sinn_exit

@Game__Raider Build a gaming pc for half that price. Seriously get that notion of $1000 dollar pc BS out of your head. It's a myth.

Avatar image for Centurion95

Oh I'm already planning like a structual engineer..... thinking something like helms deep...with more wall

Avatar image for Yulaw2000

A PC exclusive! Cool.

Avatar image for andrewwittmaier

Modding this game is gonna be sick! Can't wait to play it!

Avatar image for Tixylixx

Making buildings out of premade wall sections = fail for me.

Epic Games still making crap.

Avatar image for Colekern

@Tixylixx That was most likely a blueprint of some that the player made himself. Don't judge before you know anything about the game.

Avatar image for Slash_out

Looks great, can't wait.

The mod support is definitively good news. I'm still waiting on what kind of "building" mechanics it offers. If it's real salvage (if you pick up a sign post, it's still a sign post, and not a block of iron or whatever).

Avatar image for hector530

wait wait wait Cliffy B releasing a PC exclusive.... with mod support?!?!

about time EPIC show some love for PC

Avatar image for trastamad03

@hector530 not to mention he said it himself: "we’re coming back to the platform that started it all."

Avatar image for pelvist

@trastamad03 Ill bet it was not his idea. All CB has done for the past ~6 years is trash talk PC gamers and call them all pirates.

Avatar image for probablyblinkin

@pelvist eish, this is why i am so torn...i want to love this game so much, but all that angry name calling is still fresh in my mind.