Epic Store Gets A New Exclusive With Online Action Game The Cycle

The next round of Alpha tests are set for March 28-30.

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With the Epic Store growing in influence, we're seeing a number of games--including Hades and the PC releases for Metro Exodus and The Division 2--release as exclusives on the new online marketplace. Another game launching as an Epic Store exclusive is The Cycle, coming from Yager Entertainment--the same developers behind Spec Ops: The Line and 2018's multiplayer combat-sim Dreadnought. With the full rollout planned later this year, The Cycle will be Yager's first self-published game, it blends PvE gameplay with the pace of an online shooter.

The developers explained why they felt the game was such a good fit for the Epic Store, crediting the success of Fortnite and flexibility of the Unreal Engine for online games. As a live game, Yager has plans to work on The Cycle for the long-term, adding in new content and features over its lifetime.

"We wanted to have a different type of relationship with the community than what we'd had before on Dreadnought," said Jonathan Lindsay, Executive Producer at Yager Entertainment. "There's been a lot of lessons learned from that, on a technical level, and also, we've gotten a lot of benefit out of the lessons we've learned from Epic on Fortnite, since they've worked on the Unreal Engine. The engine itself is really great for a live game and it supports that format really well."

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The Cycle is a PvPvE game (player-versus-player-versus-environment) that blends together different genres for a somewhat unorthodox approach to an online shooter. Landing on the hostile alien world Fortuna III, your character will have to explore the surface of the planet and collect resources to craft new gear to survive. In addition to fighting off the local wildlife, you'll need to complete a number of contracts from your chosen faction in order to gain enough credits to call in better gear. However, you'll also come across other players who are doing the same.

When reading that particular premise, it sounds like a game trying to take a crack at the battle royale genre. Though it features a very similar setup, complete with a map that has themed areas, The Cycle is not a battle royale game. Along with contending with dangerous alien creatures and tackling new missions thrown in during a match, you'll need to actively collect materials to haul back to the extraction point. You're certainly free to shoot other players on sight and try to take some of their resources, but you might be better off trying to form a squad with other players you can meet in the world.

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The end goal is to make it to the extraction with your set of resources by the end of the match, but unlike other online shooters, multiple players can come away with a win. Resources kept with you during extraction can be used to craft new upgrades for your gear. These upgrades are persistent, allowing to you flesh out your character and loadouts, letting you bring a slightly more prepared character into the next game. However, you'll still start fresh in every match, and you'll need to collect credits to call-in the more high-end gear you've acquired.

The developers at Yager Entertainment state that The Cycle will be a community-driven game, with feedback collected from players helping to inform what comes next for the online game. At the end of this month, from March 28-30, a new alpha test will open up for players who sign up for access on the official site, allowing newcomers to check out what the online shooter has in store.

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Avatar image for Pyrosa

I'm all over this game.

(It seriously doesn't matter whose installer it uses.)

Last time a MP game had a sufficient set of diverse objectives across a huge map was ESO's Cyrodil map. (...I mean, it's technically still there, but kinda stale now.)

Avatar image for midna

Why do some people hate Epic Store so much?

Avatar image for maralzo

@midna:Their strategy to compete is about writing checks to publishers instead of actually innovating to become a platform that offers a unique experience that isn't just a reskinned Steam. It's very anticonsumer to force people to use a substandard platform to play certain games.

Avatar image for Pyrosa

@midna: Because their neat little list becomes fragmented.

Avatar image for PrpleTrtleBuBum

steam has already had monopoly for years and theyve shown how to do it. sure there could be better filters to not have joke games clutter my screen and the cut of valve could be a bit smaller. but otherwise theyve done excellent job.

if i could believe that epic will be even better things would be fine. but this market entry strategy alone tells that in future they will probably charge bigger cut and otherwise try to turn into that bad kind of monopoly

but we will see

Avatar image for RadioactiveMah

why are people being babies about it. it's competition no one forces anyone into playing anything. having more options and platforms is better than one side having a monopoly on pc gaming, that's what I enjoy about PC, i have access to many stores, publishers, platforms, I am not tied to any one single company.

Avatar image for deactivated-5ca4ef000ae56

@RadioactiveMah: Agreed. Competition is always healthy. In the case its a game distributor competing for game developers instead of consumers. People need to think about the fact that if Steam cut wasn't so high, there wouldn't even be an incentive for developers to jump ship. I think a lot of gamers are too busy living in their own skin and not empathizing with the developers. Wouldn't YOU want more profit from a product YOU made. That percentage may not effect big developers like Ubisoft, but to the small ones that have games that appeal to a certain type of gamer its a huge deal.

People also getting on Epic games for incentivizing exclusives, but fail to acknowledge that on pc there's a huge number of great games only available through steam.

Avatar image for UltimateBastard

@RadioactiveMah: Mate you're contradicting yourself. Valve don't have a monopoly on the market, they're not forcing you to buy a product on their platform, it just so happens that its the one that provides the best service so naturally the majority of people buy there. Epic however are forcing you to buy products on their platform, that's far more of an attempt to monopolise the market than anything Steam is doing. You talk about how great the diversity and choice there is on PC, well its that freedom of choice that epic are trying to take away from you. To be honest, I don't really give a shit if every game is sold on every platform, just so long as my platform of preference is one of them. You say you're not tied to one single company, well if you want to play games like metro or the outer worlds, you damn well are now.

Avatar image for maralzo

@UltimateBastard: Yeah instead of innovating, they're just writing checks to publishers. If Discord can beat Steam in the chat department, surely Epic can figure something out to give players something they didn't know they wanted. Hell if Epic can beat PUBG with Fortnite, perhaps they can put that kind of effort for innovation towards their own store. Imitating Steam feature for feature simply won't work.

Avatar image for deactivated-5ca4ef000ae56

@maralzo: Looks like they plan to: https://trello.com/b/GXLc34hk/epic-games-store-roadmap

Avatar image for logan117

@RadioactiveMah: I love the epic store. I play on PC and I exclusively avoid Steam. It's full of nazis, trolls, and the worst kind of humans. Plus Valve charges the same price as physical and has no first party line-up.

Avatar image for BigFeef

The fact that a lot of people are willing to put up with a vastly inferior platform, spyware, and a host of other issues just to play certain games is the reason why Epic is doing what they're doing. This is the antithesis of competition: bullying your way into the market without offering much to consumers but forcing them to use your product. I will never buy a game that goes to exclusive to Epic's store for any length of time; either after the exclusivity ends or if it's available on console.

The list of games I'm not buying so far, even though they were games I really wanted to play: Division 2, Phoenix Point, Outer Worlds (this one really burns; but screw it). We as consumers have to put a stop to the kind of garbage practices that Epic is pulling; and the only way to do that is to hit them where it hurts; their pocket books.

Avatar image for logan117

@BigFeef: Your a douche

Avatar image for Hagan

@BigFeef: When was it announced that Outer Worlds is going to be an Epic exclusive?

Avatar image for planetgloom

@Hagan: yesterday, 1 year exclusive to epic store. TBF im with @bigfeef, money hatting exclusives to your store isn't what pc is about and shouldn't be encouraged. Competition is games being on all stores and doing something to make customers buy from you. Nothing douchey about not wanting to encourage that

Avatar image for sabredj

I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror when The Outer Worlds was announced as an Epic Stores exclusive for PC. This is just another too.

I'm a console player at the moment, but all kidding aside, I feel for PC players over this.

Avatar image for logan117

@sabredj: Im getting it on Windows store anyways, get over yourself.

Avatar image for Barighm

@sabredj: It's a time exclusive, at least. I'm not sure if that's true for the other Epic Store games.

Avatar image for oddsnake

I have nothing to say about the game, but this is why I still prefer consoles. Why do I have to have one gazillion different game services on PC with different stores, friendslists, achievement systems and such? Isn't it enough with Battle.net, Steam, Origin, GOG and whatelse..and now the Epic Store with exclusive games?

Such a bloody pain.

Avatar image for jsprunk

@oddsnake: PC gaming has always been about choice. Console gaming has alway been about comformity. Neither is better really, but some people prefer options.

Avatar image for nsa_protocol44

@oddsnake: You are right, buy it on your console and ignore Epic like the plague. They are anti-consumer.