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Epic shelved Bulletstorm sequel

Epic Games president Mike Capps confirms work began on Bulletstorm follow-up before People Can Fly shifted to new project; piracy hurt PC version of original.


A Bulletstorm follow-up was in the works before Epic Games moved Polish developer People Can Fly to a new project, president Mike Capps told GameSpot this weekend at PAX East.

Epic would
Epic would "love" to return to the Bulletstorm franchise.

"We thought a lot about a sequel, and had done some initial development on it, but we found a project that we thought was a better fit for People Can Fly," he said. "We haven't announced that yet, but we will be announcing it pretty soon."

"I'd love to go back [to Bulletstorm]," he added. "I think there's more to do with Bulletstorm. Heck, it kind of ended wanting more. I'd love to see another project, but right now we don't have anything to talk about."

Regarding the original Bulletstorm, Capps said the foul-mouthed first-person shooter didn't live up to publisher Electronic Arts' expectations.

"I think Bulletstorm was very critically successful, and I think a lot of folks really enjoyed seeing something new," he said. "From a sales perspective it was good, but not amazing. I think EA was hoping we'd do better."

Capps also claimed that the PC version of Bulletstorm was hurt by piracy, but also admitted that it was a less-than-stellar port, which may have hurt sales, too.

"We made a PC version of Bulletstorm, and it didn't do very well on PC and I think a lot of that was due to piracy. It wasn't the best PC port ever, sure, but also piracy was a pretty big problem."

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