Epic, Scion Studios team up

More people means more games as Epic Games doubles its development capacity overnight.


Epic Games, the owner of the Unreal franchise, announced today that it has acquired Scion Studios. The move will double Epic's development capacity. The founder of Scion, which had yet to fully develop any games, Michael V. Capps, will move from his current CEO position to become President of Epic Games. Tim Sweeny retains his positions as Chairman and CEO.

Prior to opening Scion Studios, Capps had designed and produced America's Army, the multiplayer first person game built on Epic's Unreal Engine technology. "Mike has done an outstanding job managing development and establishing teams that were able to leverage the Unreal Engine technology," said Mark Rein, Vice President and co-founder Epic Games, "The combination of Epic’s and Scion’s world-class development teams makes Epic Games an even stronger technology leader and one of the top independent game development studios in the world.”

Epic will be demonstrating its new Unreal Engine3 and a revised UnrealEngine2 for the Xbox to attendees at the Game Developers Conference next week.

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