Epic Mickey inked in for November 30

Disney and Warren Spector's Junction Point provide post-Thanksgiving launch date for heroic rodent's dystopian adventure on Wii.


Disney Epic Mickey

As part of his 2010 Penny Arcade Expo keynote address, Junction Point studio boss Warren Spector urged core gamers to give developers a bit of leeway when it comes to building games that may not fall into the traditional core genres. The plea was a self-serving one, considering Spector has been hard at work on Epic Mickey for Disney Interactive Studios since 2007, having built his reputation on all-time classics such as Deus Ex, Thief, and System Shock.

Epic Mickey will be part of the post-Thanksgiving glut.
Epic Mickey will be part of the post-Thanksgiving glut.

Today, DIS said just when Spector's experiment would come to fruition, attaching a November 30 release date to Epic Mickey for the Wii. Entertainment Weekly first carried the news, along with a new trailer for the game.

Combining elements of the action adventure, role-playing, and platforming genres, Epic Mickey sees Disney's storied mouse braving the dreary bluffs of the Wasteland. The alternate dimension is populated by a variety of characters from Disney's stable, and Mickey must complete his family-friendly quest with the aid of his trusty paint brush. With the tool, players are able to alter the way the world looks, painting in some areas while thinning others.

Carrying a $50 price tag for the standard edition, Epic Mickey will also be available in a $70 package. The collector's edition includes a 5-inch Epic Mickey figurine, an Epic Mickey-themed skin and faceplate for the Wii, and a behind-the-scenes bonus video.

For more information, check out GameSpot's previous coverage of Epic Mickey.

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