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Epic Games' Upcoming Sandbox-Survival Game Fortnite Starts Alpha Test Phase

Fans can sign up for Alpha, which kicks off tomorrow.


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Developer Epic Games has announced the launch of the Alpha testing phase for its sandbox survival game, Fortnite. As detailed on the official website, the Alpha will run from December 2 until December 19.

According to the developer the purpose of the testing phase, which is called Online Test 1, is to ensure that various features work properly. This includes sign-ups, patching, and gameplay. Those who are interested in participating in the Alpha testing phase can sign up via the website for the chance to receive an invitation.

Fornite is described as a co-operative sandbox survival game with gameplay divided into day and nite sections. During the day, players will work together to build fortifications using scavenged materials. Once night falls, they can retreat into their forts and fight off waves of monsters in order to survive until morning. The game will be free-to-play when it launches sometime next year.

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