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Epic Games trademarks Gears of War: Exile

North Carolina development studio files mark and logo for new project.


Yesterday, Microsoft made the $30 Gears of War Triple Pack official. The primer pack of sorts includes the original Gears of War, its sequel, and a heap of downloadable content for gamers looking to get up to speed prior to Gears of War 3's fall 2011 debut. However, Epic Games might have another project in the works, as well.

Epic Games is prepping a Gears of War: Exile announcement?
Epic Games is prepping a Gears of War: Exile announcement?

Epic Games recently trademarked "Gears of War: Exile," as well as an accompanying logo that uses the familiar cog symbol (first dug up by Siliconera). It is unclear as to what the trademark specifically applies to, but it was filed under the good and services description for T-shirts, hint books, and video game software. As of press time, Microsoft has not responded to GameSpot's request for comment or clarification on the matter.

In late November, Epic Games' design director Cliff Bleszinski promised a Gears of War-related announcement for the 2010 Video Game Awards. On the day of the show, the announcement was pushed to 2011. The project was rumored to be a Kinect-enabled Gears of War title, but no confirmation has arrived from Epic Games or Microsoft on the matter.

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