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Epic Games Store Update Gives Users A New Achievements Menu

The Epic Games Store is still catching up with Steam's features.


After originally launching this past November, Epic Games is giving all of its users on the Epic Games Store access to an entire achievements menu.

Starting today, Epic Games Store users will be able to find a "My Achievements" area in the dropdown menu found by clicking on their profile picture. This area acts as a hub for all of the achievements and friends a user has on the Epic Games Store.

By clicking on a friend's name, users will also be able to see their achievements and vice versa. The page immediately shows how many achievements have been unlocked, how many have been platinumed, and how much XP someone has. Of course, anyone who doesn't want to have their achievements seen by other people can set their privacy settings to limit who can view that information.

If this system sounds familiar, that's because it's seemingly made up of parts from both Sony and Microsoft's approach to marking player progress in games. XP acts a lot like Gamerscore does on Xbox, with varying amounts doled out depending on which achievement players unlock. Similarly, Epic is using "platinum' to represent unlocking every achievement in a game the same way Sony has since it rolled out Trophies on PlayStation.

Rolling out a menu for achievements like this is just another step in Epic creating parity with Steam. While achievements are a large part of any platform, Epic added one of the Epic Games Store's most important features just months ago: a shopping cart.

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