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Epic Games Store Finally Adds A Long-Awaited Feature

The Epic Games Store adds something that makes wishlisting your games much easier. That's right: wishlists.


The Epic Games Store launched in 2018 with a major lack of features, and while it's still lagging behind other digital storefronts in some ways, it just added a new key feature to improve the store experience: the ability to add games to a wishlist. With so many exclusive games, especially those of small developers, a wishlist makes it easier to bookmark games and come back to them later when you're ready to spend some money.

When looking at a game's page in the Epic Games Store, you'll notice a new heart icon next to the buy button. All you need to do is click that, and the game will be added to your wishlist. For games with multiple editions, you'll need to click the "See Editions" button before choosing which one you'll wishlist. To access and view your wishlist, you'll need to click your account name in the bottom left of the Epic Games launcher and then select "Wishlist."

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For now, you can arrange your wishlist with a number of different filters--Alphabetical, Price, On Sale, or Recently Added--or search for a specific game. Thankfully, Epic plans to iterate with things like email notifications when games go on sale, leave Early Access, or become available for pre-orders. Some of the other upcoming features include mod support for games and self-service refunds, while things like gifting, user reviews, and support for additional currencies and payment methods are still planned for future development. You can see the full Epic Games Store roadmap on Trello.

In related news, the Epic Games Store is giving away three free games at the end of this week. Anodyne 2: Return to Dust, A Short Hike, and Mutazione will all be free starting March 12. Be sure to pick up the two free PC games that are available right now: Offworld Trading Company and Gonner.

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