Epic Games Store Announces Eight More Exclusives At PAX

Eight new indies join the Epic Games Store.


At PAX West, Epic Games announced a new round of exclusive titles coming to its store. This announcement includes eight more indie games that will launch exclusively on Epic's digital storefront.

Airborne Kingdom is a fantastical city management sim that has you manage your resources like food and housing while also maintaining the lift of your society above the clouds. The Alto Collection brings together Alto's Adventure and Alto's Odyssey. The Eternal Cylinder has you controlling a herd of creatures on an alien world. Manifold Garden is a mind-bending first-person exploration game.

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No Straight Roads is an audio-inspired action game that takes you to Vinyl City to defeat the EDM Empire. Ooblets is an adorable gardening sim game with Pokemon-like battle mechanics. Superliminal is a first-person puzzle game that uses forced perspective to trick your eye as you manipulate objects. Finally, Wattam is a game physics playground.

Each of the games are showcased in a trailer. The announcement did not detail any timed exclusivity periods.

Epic Game Store exclusivity has been controversial at times, including for this round of games. The developers of Ooblets received hateful messages after announcing its Epic Store exclusive status, and other games had been regularly review-bombed on Steam before Valve rolled out an anti-bombing feature.

Meanwhile, Epic is continuing to roll out free games regularly, with two great additions in the current rotation.

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