Epic Games reveals Fortnite

Exploration, scavenging, survival themes emphasized in teaser for original intellectual property from Epic Games.


Epic Games' next project is not another Gears of War, or even an Infinity Blade or a Bulletstorm.

Just a glimpse of Fortnite.
Just a glimpse of Fortnite.

At the Video Game Awards tonight, Epic Games design director Cliff Bleszinski introduced a trailer for a new--and very different--project from the studio. Dubbed Fortnite, the game features a cartoonlike visual style and focuses on themes of exploration, scavenging, and survival.

In the trailer, a cameraman follows a group of survivors as they look to scrounge building materials for a makeshift fort during daylight hours. A subterranean, zombie-like creature peeks out to see what they're doing at dusk, and later that night, a legion of such creatures overrun the fort as the humans scream in terror.

No platforms or release window was announced.

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Wow who would've thought this game would be king in 6 years

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looks good

Avatar image for ProMethUse

can't judge a game entirely on graphics. sadly, a lot of people think that way... a game doesn't have to have super-realistic graphics to be engaging. you'll miss out on a lot of good-quality games if you keep basing a game's worth on its visuals

Avatar image for Caiza123456

How is it a rip off of minecraft when the trailer tells nothing about the game except from zombies, scavenging and buliding. Zombies were in many games before minecraft so was gaining food and resources just because they have a pickaxe makes it minecraft to all of you. Just wait intill they tell you about the gameplay and style before you accuse it of copyright

Avatar image for brimmul777

To me,in my opinion,it looks like a kids game.

Avatar image for thenephariouson

@Haasdude, "if a game's graphics aren't gritty and incredibly detailed, it's nothing but a fart in the wind?" I think Nintendo would disagree with you on that one. Anyway, i think it looks quite unique at this point.

Avatar image for Kayweg

LOL...what the heck was that ? Looks temptingly weird and funny at the same time.

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Avatar image for Haasdude

It's a sad world we live in when people see a lighter, cartoony style game and automatically think, "oh, that would be a decent xbla/psn title." Really, is this what we've come to - if a game's graphics aren't gritty and incredibly detailed, it's nothing but a fart in the wind?

Avatar image for FoeCrusher

Like the art style, giggled and have no idea what to expect.

Avatar image for DKant

Loving this already :D God it's been so long since I've had time for the offbeat ones.

Avatar image for rarson

Looks kind of cool, at least thematically. It'll be interesting to see what the gameplay looks like.

Avatar image for Samox

It's made by Epic, so it has potential.. whatever it is.

Avatar image for Atladica

we didnt learn anything from the trailer but looks interesting.

Avatar image for moonlightwolf01

Might be an interesting concept but the question has to be asked - Do we really need another zombie game?

Avatar image for FatmanAB

Gears of Fortress ... Anyone ?!?!?!

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Seems like it may have evolved from the new horde mode in gears 3, with the setting up of defences etc, like a tower defence game. I like the idea of having to prepare or be wary of it becoming night, because thats when things come and you're in danger, like in the original trailer/concept for Alan Wake with the 24-hour day cycle. Reminiscent of Minecraft's survival mode? Sure, but doesn't kill the concept for me. I like the courage in going after a different art style, but still, the cartoon-yness takes away any sense of atmosphere for me

Avatar image for steelmouth

looks way too cartoonish but i have confidance on cliff B,he woudnt dissapoint that much i shall wait and see

Avatar image for TheVGamer

More zombies? Disappoint...

Avatar image for hippiesanta

remember double-fine studio

Avatar image for zaiwen

last of us? fortnite? i'm almost led to believe people will be comparing this from now till its release & beyond

Avatar image for atrumhiberna

they have me at the TF2 style graphics i love Tf 2 imo most fun shooter i have ever played

Avatar image for Cillah187

It looked cool until I saw Zombies. Stop making dumb Zombie games. GETTING OLD!

Avatar image for Jevulen

The idea seems very like the Jurassic Park custom map for Warcraft 3, you scrounge resources and build your base while trying to repell a steady increase in jurassic activity.

Avatar image for Darth_Nater307

The graphic style reminds me of Team Fortress 2. Awesome sauce. The gameplay (from what we've heard so far) sounds similar to Pikmin, gather resources during the day, but instead of exiting orbit when night falls, you have to fend off the hordes of the undead. 100%, grade-A, Awesome sauce.

Avatar image for idk95

The Last of Us>>> Fortnite lol no need to compare I just felt the need to mention the games that stuck out to me most last night...

Avatar image for -Silent--Death-

Die2nite rip off anyone?

Avatar image for deathstream

I learned almost nothing about this game from the trailer.

Avatar image for wiidsduelpack

That looked very nice. Will be on my radar

Avatar image for Too-DementeD

Well I'm interested. Eagerly awaiting more news.

Avatar image for SicklySunStorm

that creature looked like a cross of a Slig and Scrab from Oddworld...

Avatar image for karenwen

Bulletstorm 2 is probably in the works, just that People Can Fly is making it. It's probably too early in development for them to announce anything.

Avatar image for Sepewrath

Where are people getting Minecraft from? Is Minecraft just a tower defense game? Because then I would have to say that's not exactly an original idea on their part :P This doesn't look anything like Minecraft its a tower defense game.

Avatar image for Drakkengoth

actually was hoping it was going to b that Samaritan tech demo, fully realized

Avatar image for Drakkengoth

doesn't look that spectacular solely because gears still getting lots and lots of dlc

Avatar image for Gamer_4_Fun

I don't get it, why did I get disagrees? You guys seriously want Epic to chug out more Gears clones, which was unreal clone from a visual point of view.

Avatar image for lowerclassbrat7

Looks like a solid PSN/X-Box Live release.

Avatar image for Joey2cool

Haha Minecraft? I don't think so. More like tower defense TF2. Looks like a decent XBLA/PSN game.

Avatar image for controlfreak25

Not buying another game from epic unless its another bulletstorm or another unreal....this could be awhile.

Avatar image for y3ivan

@rveegee well it depends if MS wants to buy the IP. Possibly EA might be aquiring them, then it would be on all platforms

Avatar image for wyan_

I bet the scavaging and building will be fun, but wow, what an epic ripoff of Minecraft this is.

Avatar image for Gamer-Geek

I love zombie games, and I love em more when you gotta make a tactical defence. Hopefully they do well with it :)

Avatar image for MJ12-Conspiracy

Saw the name, wrote it off......then I actually look to see what it is..... Yeah this could be good......I'll keep an eye on this one...

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I like how a lot of people are comparing it to Minecraft though we have seen virtually NOTHING about Fortnite.

Avatar image for 01706_123

i doubt its a full game probably an arcade game for xbox

Avatar image for biggy887766

Seems like it will be similar to the zombie flash games where you have to upgrade a fort and then defend it (I forget the names) with the added element of actually having to go out of the fort in the day time to scavenge for metal, ammo and other items you're going to need. Could be interesting and should be a lot of fun co-op wise. I imagine they are also going to include a class system with certain characters having specific skills that affect how they contribute to the fort and how they play.

Avatar image for hybrid7seven7

reminds me a lot of minecraft and certain tower defences, but i appreciate that epic is taking the animation style in a very different direction