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Epic Games reveals Fortnite

Exploration, scavenging, survival themes emphasized in teaser for original intellectual property from Epic Games.


Epic Games' next project is not another Gears of War, or even an Infinity Blade or a Bulletstorm.

Just a glimpse of Fortnite.
Just a glimpse of Fortnite.

At the Video Game Awards tonight, Epic Games design director Cliff Bleszinski introduced a trailer for a new--and very different--project from the studio. Dubbed Fortnite, the game features a cartoonlike visual style and focuses on themes of exploration, scavenging, and survival.

In the trailer, a cameraman follows a group of survivors as they look to scrounge building materials for a makeshift fort during daylight hours. A subterranean, zombie-like creature peeks out to see what they're doing at dusk, and later that night, a legion of such creatures overrun the fort as the humans scream in terror.

No platforms or release window was announced.

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