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Epic Games Offering $10 Coupon To Email Subscribers

Epic Games' Connect and Save event offers email subscribers $10 off of their next purchase.


Epic Games just launched a Connect and Save event that gives new and existing email subscribers a $10 coupon. Sign-up works similar to any other store’s email alerts program, which asks users for an email address to send information on new releases, deals, and happenings related to the Epic Games Store. This limited-time deal lasts from October 15 to November 15.

Check off the box to subscribe under Communication Preferences
Check off the box to subscribe under Communication Preferences

All you need to do to claim the coupon is sign up for emails if you haven’t already. Just look under your Epic Games account’s communications preferences to change your subscription status. If you’re already subscribed, there’s no need to re-subscribe. Epic should automatically send the coupon to all existing subscribers within 24 hours after the event starts.

If you’re not subscribed, then check off the box that asks users about signing up for Epic’s email program. Epic will send the coupons as fast as it can, but it also asks users to wait up to 24 hours for them. Once you receive the coupon in an email, click through to automatically apply it to any eligible purchase. Check your account inventory before buying if you’re not sure it registered.

The $10 coupon applies to many purchases, but not all. You can use the coupon on any full game that costs $15 or more. As Epic states, the coupons won’t work on “pre-purchases, add-ons, virtual currency, or in-game purchases.” So no DLC, preorders, or any other content that isn’t an already released standalone game. It’ll apply to your next purchase so long as it meets these requirements.

Also, the $10 coupon has a time limit. Connect and Save runs from 7:01 am PT on October 15 until 11:59 pm PT on November 15. Coupons expire after the event, so use them while you can!

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