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Epic Games Leak Apparently Reveals PC Port Dates For GTA 6, The Last Of Us 2, And More

Read Dead Redemption was also on the list, but it's unclear if that particular leak is legitimate.


An unofficial database of Epic Games Store game listings known as EpicDB has evidently leaked some upcoming PC ports of major games, including The Last Of Us Part 2. The leak also appeared to reveal information about other unreleased games.

By pilfering Epic Games Store files, leakers uncovered a Sony Interactive Entertainment game listed under the code name "Utah," and are claiming it's a PC port for The Last of Us Part 2. The game's PC port is reportedly already complete, but no release date has been announced--possibly as a result of Naughty Dog wanting to wait to launch the PC version of the game alongside the release of Season 2 of The Last Of Us television series.

The database also reportedly leaked an upcoming PC port of Red Dead Redemption, though an employee at Dealabs Magazine has suggested that the suspected Red Dead Redemption 2 PC port--codenamed "Selma" in the leak--isn't legitimate. The leak also suggests that Rockstar's long-awaited GTA 6 will be coming to PC as well--possibly right at launch, though Take-Two has not offered any hint of this in promotional material.

Other interesting titles included in the leak include a project called "Momo," which is thought to be a remake of Final Fantasy IX, and a project entitled "Skobeloff," which is reportedly a PC port of 2023's Final Fantasy XVI--a conclusion leakers came to due to preorder bonus information included in the database. The latter was reported to be in the final stages of optimization back in March, lending credence to the theory that "Skobeloff" is indeed the game's upcoming PC port.

But unfortunately for leak-lovers, EpicDB--which works similarly to SteamDB--has already been taken offline, and Epic Games has made moves to prevent similar leaks from happening again in the future.

"We released an update tonight so third-party tools can't surface any new unpublished product titles from the Epic Games Store catalogue," an Epic Games spokesperson said (via Eurogamer).

As such, we're unlikely to see similar leaks from Epic for any more big games. However, we'll know in due time if the information has already been leaked ends up being accurate.

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