Epic Games Is At It Again With The FreeFortnite Merchandise

The #FreeFortnite campaign is still going hard, but Apple is yet to budge.


The latest in Epic Games' ongoing dispute with Apple and Google has seen the Fortnite developer team up with Samsung to send out a number of #FreeFortnite themed care packages to gaming journalists and influencers. Like its previous 1984-style parody video, the merch--and even the boxes they were packed in--reference iconic Apple imagery.

Epic Games previously invited fans to make and sell their own Free Fortnite merchandise, even providing a full asset pack of the campaign's Apple-spoofing imagery. It's unclear how many people actually took up the invitation, but Epic is now sending certain influencers merchandise of its own making.

The merch is bundled with a Samsung Tab S7 and a note explaining that Samsung's Galaxy Store is the only place where Fortnite is currently available on mobile.

While a number of companies are standing in support of Epic Games' antitrust lawsuit against Apple, critics point out that Epic Games itself is far from an underdog, with a recent statement putting the value of the Fortnite developer at $17.3 billion.

Epic is seemingly determined to keep the #FreeFortnite campaign in the public eye, however, with a recent Fortnite tournament awarding branded loot and a "Tart Tycoon" skin designed to poke fun at Apple.

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