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Epic: Fortnite Players Should Disconnect Kinect On Xbox One After Season 10 Update

'Tis the season.


Fortnite: Season 10 is now live in the free-to-play Battle Royale mode, introducing "Brute" mechs, new skins and emotes, and a fresh batch of challenges (which now work differently in the past, to the chagrin of non-Battle Pass buyers). However, the launch of the new season has not been without its issues, and developer Epic Games has been forced to disable a number of features as it investigates the problems further.

One of the most recent problems to pop up involves Kinect on Xbox One. Curiously, playing the game with one connected to your console could encounter stability issues, so Epic is advising those using the device to unplug it for the time being.

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The company has also disabled the new mech in both Creative and Playground "due to an issue with movement speed." Separately, it's done away with the ability to gift the Battle Pass to another player on PC for now; it's unclear when that functionality will return, though the feature is set to be disabled in mid-August across all platforms. Finally, it stated the following: "We're aware of some players experiencing an increased level of hitching/stuttering while in-game. We are investigating this and will provide status updates once we have more information."

None of the problems seen so far have been serious enough to bring the game's servers down--Epic's service status page still lists all Fortnite's systems as "operational"--but it's still disappointing to see some of these problems crop up on such a big day for the battle royale game.

If you want to see all the changes and tweaks in Season 10, check out the Fortnite update 10.00 patch notes. We've also put together a comprehensive guide on the Season 10 Battle Pass, which includes everything you need to know about what it is, what you get for having one, and making the most of one. For more on the new season, take a look at our Fortnite Season 10 hub, which collects all the pre-release teases, information on the season's launch, and details on everything that is new. This hub is being updated regularly, so check back for the latest updates on what's happening with the game.

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