Epic: Fortnite is "Minecraft meets Left 4 Dead"

Founder Tim Sweeney says PC game is blend of genres with Pixar art style, confirms studio also working on unannounced AAA shooter.


Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney has described upcoming PC online game Fortnite as "Minecraft meets Left 4 Dead."

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Speaking at Develop this week, reported by Eurogamer, Sweeney explained that Epic has morphed from a studio that focuses on one major title at a time to an outfit with its eyes on multiple projects of varying scale.

"Now we're building several games at different scales. We're building Fortnite, a PC online game which is a fun, sort of Minecraft meets Left 4 Dead," Sweeney said. "It's a 35-person team. It's not aiming to beat Call of Duty in terms of graphics. It's more of a Pixar art style and a limited project in scope, just aimed at fun as opposed to massive breakthroughs in scale."

Overall, Sweeney explained that by branching out and working on smaller projects alongside major ones, Epic Games' vision is to "master development at every scale."

"We're building a bigger, triple-A shooter project that hasn't been announced yet," he said. "And we've also internally started developing really tiny projects with two or three guys working together as a team for a few months in small scale game development."

"It's really cool. We're testing our development at all scales and learning it as we go. We're trying to master development at every scale."

Fortnite is due out later this year only on PC, though Epic Games has not provided an update on the game in some time after it had no presence at E3 last month.

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Avatar image for Holy-Rapture

I was looking forward to this game but i really dont like minecraft :/ hopefully its not too much like it

Avatar image for GamerLegend10


I dont think unreal will ever be the same, the first was one of best fps games i have played, then it went downhill, i expect if they made another it would play like every other shooter.

Idk maybe they can bring it back, i would love to see it happen, but im doubtful.

Avatar image for sargentpsgamer

Look up the indie game Rust, its already been done.

Avatar image for foxrock66

"Beat Call of Duty in terms of graphics"

That's not exactly a hard thing to do lol

Avatar image for MrHatnClogs

"It's not aiming to beat Call of Duty in terms of graphics."

This guy is way off, COD isn't about graphics, it's about putting a dog in your game!

Avatar image for radcrab123


Avatar image for RatedSTARZ

@MrHatnClogs Hahahaha xD. You sir just made my day :P

Avatar image for salvucci91

The concept of this game sounds like a blast. 35-man team ?!

Avatar image for ar6ra6sh9

good news from epic games but i dont get the part he said: "It's not aiming to beat Call of Duty in terms of graphics" ?!?!?!?! :D

Avatar image for acelogan1989


Avatar image for AMG

"We're building a bigger, triple-A shooter project that hasn't been announced yet,"

It's either Gears or Unreal. I hope it's Unreal, we need a new one badly.

Avatar image for leviathanwing

@AMG_75 i thought gears has moved internally to ms or to another ms studio

Avatar image for AMG

@leviathanwing @AMG_75 Microsoft are only the publishers. Epic owns Gears.

Avatar image for SolidTy

So many talented EPIC guys left like Rod F., Mike Capps, and even Cliffy B. I'm a sad panda.

Avatar image for frylock1987

Looks like crap but....I dont expect anything good from Epic Games anymore seeing as how they aren't so Epic anymore.

Avatar image for Ice-Cube

I've been looking forward to this game for a long time. I wish they would talk more about it instead of making it look like it's been dead.

Avatar image for DiscGuru101

Highly doubt this will be 1/10 as successful as Minecraft.

Avatar image for JLozada86

Looks fun! What this new shooter project be?

Avatar image for Boldchromedome

Im sick of building mansions in minecraft. Hurrry Please !!!

Avatar image for Ulvenkai

Looking forward to it :)

Avatar image for DemoKnight10656

cant even read a article without hearing call of duty :l

Avatar image for brxricano

I mean hey why not go for it, but that is some expensive learning. As long as i get to have some fun you'll get your moneys back :D

Avatar image for holtrocks

I love the idea iv been excited for this since the announced it last year.

Avatar image for edant79

.......perfect, cause I f'king hate those games.

Avatar image for brxricano

@edant79 LOL their face went from :D to :\

Avatar image for IRGK

Any company that tries to break away from what they're comfortable with is OK in my book. The fact that Epic sounds like they are almost developing prototypes in an, 'indie-like' manor, speaks volumes about the AAA industry.

Avatar image for adit942

"beat call of duty in terms of graphics"
lol really COD is the only game that struck your mind when talking about graphics

Avatar image for Fursnake

Those characters seem to have some unnaturally long arms.

Avatar image for Aletunda

@Fursnake they were going for a pixar aesthetic i believe

Avatar image for Tixylixx

Not interested, I wanted to build from physics objects like Source Forts, instead we get being built from prefabs :\ Not thanx.

Avatar image for vault-boy

I'm not gonna lie, this game looks like it could be pretty fun. Sure, people are gonna bitch because they hate Epic now because of Gears of War or something, but they got some talent and they seem like they could have something really cool here.

On the other hand, this zombie fad is REALLY getting old. The last time I remember enjoying a zombie game was The Walking Dead (by Telltale, of course) and that game was more about the people and less about the zombies.

Avatar image for KeenoControl

Something tells me the new shooter could be a new Unreal Tournament, but it would be awesome if they turned their Unreal 4 demo "The Samaritan" into an open world shooter

Avatar image for Adavanter

"Minecraft meets Left 4 Dead." Hissed a desiccated corpse that once was Epic.

Avatar image for wowgrandpa

i'm sure it will head to XBLA on XBone when the time comes.... hell, i wouldn't rule out psn.

but Epic Games told everyone they were sick and tired of waiting for next gen to come. old-gen consoles were holding them back so they decided to leave the development of this one to PC only, meaning no old consoles.

but it will be an easy port to the new consoles since its all the same x86 architecture this time around.

on the flip side to that new revelation, that means all exclusive titles that hit each console will also be found on PC, because if they don't release for PC, the emulators will bring it to PC for them and then nobody gets paid so...

and this is also why consoles are losing relevance in the living room. pretty redundant device without the exclusives.

Avatar image for Kashmiro

I'm hoping this is still coming to the Xbox One since it was originally supposed to be 360/PC. More than anything though, I'm just happy to hear it is still progressing.

Avatar image for Mkeegs79

"It's not aiming to beat Call of Duty in terms of graphics" When was the last time CoD set any benchmark in graphics? I can't recall. I hope this game is still coming out on the what would likely be the Xbox One now. I want to get it. It looks and sounds very promising. It was announced for the 360 and then nothing.

Avatar image for Legend002

Great... more freakin' shooters.

Avatar image for Simplythebest12

Meh online game with ugly cartoony graphics, i will pass.

This game is a waste for the newest Unreal 4 engine

Avatar image for xgalacticax

The Minecraft part put me off. But I'm sure the Left 4 Dead part more than makes up for it.

Avatar image for DrRockso87

Probably the first Epic Games title I'm interested in really.

Avatar image for LittleSaintGoph

Wow what a shock, £pic ripping off two popular games.

Avatar image for Aria1368

"It's not aiming to beat Call of Duty in terms of graphics" WTF does it mean !?

Avatar image for CRYO_HAWK

@BabeNewell @CRYO_HAWK Im not taking anything away from pc i just want to enjoy it on ps3 or ps4 if you hate consoles dont play them but you dont have to bash other people for liking it grow up

Avatar image for CRYO_HAWK

@Mkeegs79 @CRYO_HAWK @Vidpci @BabeNewell dont have to be negative towards my comment its my opinion and i think that game sucks Marcus Beer on annoyed gamer on gametrailers even said that game and no game deserves a 10 and that game is far from perfect and all game critics with sense agree so know what your talking about before you troll somebodies comment

Avatar image for CRYO_HAWK

@BrandonMichaels @CRYO_HAWK @Vidpci @BabeNewell i mean its just my opinion if you like it i respect that and im not going to bash you but i hate that shit special coming off of uncharted 3 my second favorite sony exclusive but that game is far from a 10 as you said very far from it

Avatar image for Mkeegs79

@CRYO_HAWK @Vidpci @BabeNewell Umm...yeah...pointing out that it got great scores doesn't actually help your point. I also think its a great game. Each to their own but some are far from the norm and your that case.

Avatar image for BrandonMichaels

@CRYO_HAWK @Vidpci @BabeNewell Well, it's not THAT bad. I mean, the AI's are awful, but yeah. It's FAR from being the worst game, but it's also FAR from being a "10/10" game.

Avatar image for CRYO_HAWK

@Vidpci @CRYO_HAWK @BabeNewell the last of us sucks dude trust me you aint missing a damn thing dont jump on the critic fan waggin they gave the scorce way to much it really sucks notice all the developers gave it a 10 the game is not good at all

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