Eolith accepting submissions for The King of Fighters 2002

Fans of the King of the Fighters series may decide which characters appear in the next game.


Eolith, which codeveloped the NeoGeo arcade fighting game official Web site asking for suggestions for the next King of Fighters game, The King of Fighters 2002. Though The King of Fighters 2001 already has a sizeable number of playable characters (40 in all), the developer is apparently considering changing at least three slots on its character roster. The company asks that you send an e-mail to kofmaster@eolith.co.kr with your suggestions on which three SNK characters from The King of Fighters 2001 you'd like to see removed from the next game and which other three characters you'd like to see added.

The King of Fighters 2001 was released last year in arcades, and it was also recently released for the NeoGeo home cartridge system. We'll have a review of The King of Fighters 2001 soon, and we'll have more updates on The King of Fighters 2002 as we receive them.

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