Entire GTA 5 Map Being Remade in Minecraft by Fans

Block Santos.

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A 1:1 recreation of Grand Theft Auto V's sprawling world is being remade in Minecraft, and the team behind the project today published a video that shows off the progress they've made so far (via Kotaku). Check out the video below and scroll down for more details.

"GTA 5 in Minecraft" is the name of the project. It aims to recreate the entire world of Rockstar's massive game--including the city sections in Los Santos and the mountains of Blaine County--inside of Mojang's sandbox title. It sounds like a massively ambitious undertaking.

In all, the map will be around 7,500 by 7,500 blocks. Production began in January 2015, meaning the team has now been working on it for more than a year.

YouTube's N11ck has been chronicling the project's progress with regular video updates. This latest one was a little delayed, he said, because he's been busy with school exams. Go to N11ck's YouTube page to see all the other videos he's uploaded. The first video, an overview of sorts, is available below.

Looking for more impressive Minecraft fan creations? Check out the links below.

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The new Star Wars sucks. It's just a bunch of people running around shooting each other. Nothing more.

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What a colossal waste of time

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He must have been stuck with an Xbox... Hes looking for something to do other than looking at that eye peircing interface... yuck.

I dont blame him. Back to PC.

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so what for?? to be busy...get a job

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@edviges: **** off, you have no dreams or no imagination, you're just a sheep.

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@maitkarro: ^^^^ must not have a job and dedicates his life to video games like the kid making this gta v map ..... so angry

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Pretty impressive, I made a hut and got bored

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@rodoxthedark: lol ^^

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See, but this is something they'll finally finish someday, and then they'll be like, YESSSSSSSSSS


Now what?...........

At least when I waste time, I diversify....

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There needs to be that ONE guy who plants TNT underneath :D MUAHAHAHAHA

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I could riff on how that's such a waste of time, but here I am commenting on a Gamespot article.

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What an amazing and ambitious project.

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Ok I take it back, he doesn't know what a japanese flag looks like.

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@timepasser: The comment i was looking for. :)

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Pure genius.

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The biggest thing I ever made in Minecraft was a giant Spongebob. It actually turned out pretty good. :)

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Minecarft needs an engine overhaul to enable longer draw distances. Just an opinion though.

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@dribblesbarbax: If you play on PC it's quite expansive, providing you have the rig for it.

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@dribblesbarbax: It's got the draw distance of a ps1.

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And then a troll blows it up


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I used to play Minecraft, my projects tended to consist of making post apocypitc settlements/buildings. I'd go into enough detail as to have flushing toilets/drainage systems etc but they lasted no more than a dozen hours at a time. Basically a couple nights...but these guys are nuts! To f*ck with that.

*Dafuq is with that song? Burn it!

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Holy crap, that's a really long project!

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Come on, he didn't recognize the flag of Japan at 2:07?!

This is pretty bonkers though, Theadore Bonkers. Just wish Minecraft had a better draw distance for showing off these kinds of massive projects that people undertake...

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*looks up from tv screen* Ha, losers. What a waste of life *goes back to grinding raids on Destiny*...

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Why don't they recreate Minecraft in GTA V? KILL THE PIG, MICHAEL!

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Looking forward to this one but I'm not sure if I want to see a stars directed by the guy who did Jurassic world after that. I'm probably in the minority but I did not like that movie at all, but money talks and it's one of the top grossing movies of all time.

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@syntaxkt: money only talks in business not movies, look up box office hits that are terrible movies.....youll see the amount it makes doesnt mean good movie. just to mention a few, da vinci code almost 800 million at the box office, HANCOCK made half a billion lol box office numbers are not a good source for reviews

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Do they not stop to think that they could just make their own video game with all this effort they are putting in?

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@brn-dn: Making a game is not as easy as some may think.

Gotta learn how to code.

Have a diverse team.



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@Gaming-Planet: You realize not all games are AAA right? Games like Undertale and Axiom Verge were made by one person and came to be some of the best indie games of last year.

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@brn-dn: I know you can develop indie games but you still need to follow the law and have a budget because you're spending a lot of time into one project by yourself or a small team.

One of the main problems with Greenlight is because of legal issues.

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@brn-dn: uhm, no they couldn't! Big difference between making a game and playing one.

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@Saidrex: Yeah, making a game would be a lot easier.

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@brn-dn: Of what quality or level of detail are we talking about? Are they going to make their own assets or purchase other created assets? Do they know enough about programming, the engine environment, etc? No I don't think you understand, it would take quite awhile to develop a game if it is anywhere of moderate detail(Not some RPG maker type of thing).

Minecraft is simple, other than them having to make map references and check back they can get instant results just by right clicking. Still not easy and it is time consuming, but it sure as hell is easier than "making a game" of moderate detail.

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@Smosh150: I understand with the amount of time spent doing this they could from not even knowing what a video game is to finish one and readying it for release.

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@brn-dn: Again, level of quality, funding level is extremely important(Sounds like he is a student), time(Again this guy is a student), learning new material to competency takes a long time, etc.

You really don't understand, how many moderately detailed games out there have finished in a year? What about small teams? Not very many(Usually of very poor quality), if they are they are small games like Undertale, Shovel Knight, etc.

Reason is your friend, unfounded statements are too common these days.

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@Smosh150: What are you even going on about? I never said anything about the quality of game they could make. Developing a game is not as hard as you're trying to make it sound, seems like all these greedy Kickstarter campaigns have messed with your head.

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@brn-dn: make a game...ill wait

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@haze0986: No thanks. I'm also not gonna spend 1000s of hours in Minecraft.

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@brn-dn: you're not all there are you? i didn't say play a game, i said make one since you claim with a little bit of man power and hours its easy. so go make a game. theres a reason a game takes years to make with a huge team. its not simple pick this up and place it here. do you know how to code? debug? fix and find glitches? remedy a gamebreakinig problem? didn't think so, so please quiet down adults are talking.

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@haze0986: I said no thanks as in no I'm not gonna make a game. I also said that I'm "also" not gonna play that game.

Good job reading, you had a week to reply and you still couldn't comprehend it.

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@brn-dn: I think you lack reading comprehension, which is why I stated quality of games as the more detail and content put into it requires more time. I stated games that aren't like Shovel Knight, Undertale, simple games. Then I also stated those made in a year that aren't simplistic are usually of poor quality.

Kickstarter has little to do with it, observation and proper understanding of the process of game development is all you need. Different levels of games require more time, if you are talking about more simplistic games than state so. Otherwise it is a very broad comment which looks ignorant.

Tell me, what type of game are we talking about, because it makes all the difference when speaking of dev times?

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@Smosh150: Yeah I do, because I'm only skimming through for long replies because I don't care at all what you have to say. Making a game is not an impossible task.

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@brn-dn: That's cool, if you can't answer my question or read my moderately sized post in full than that is your prerogative. See ya around.

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I enjoyed Minecraft a lot but after awhile it starts getting stale. Still time to time ill download fan made content to see their hard work they put in it.

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